Manny Pacquiao shares inspirational post on Instagram, goes viral

MANILA, Philippines – The rags to riches story of Manny Pacquiao has fascinated a lot of his fans who loved how he rose from poverty and helplessness to become one of the richest, most famous people in the Philippines.
Manny Pacquiao shares inspirational post on Instagram, goes viral

As an 8-division world champion, Pacquaio is well known not just in the Philippines but also across the world. Hundreds of boxers wish to fight him – for glory and for money.

Many boxers would give anything and everything to fight Pacquiao and be the one to knock him out, a rarity that only a few boxers were ever able to achieve especially at the height of his career.

With an estimated net worth of $220 million (Php11.6 billion), Pacquaio could buy just about anything and everything he wanted. He currently owns dozens of luxury vehicles, several mansions across the Philippines and even in the US, and plenty of businesses and establishments that earn him more money.

But who would have thought that just some decades ago, he was among the poorest of the poor folks who didn’t even know if they could eat that day or have roof over their heads at night!

Yet many netizens admire the boxing champ for remaining humble and for not being ashamed of his roots. In an inspirational post on Instagram, Pacquiao recalled his humble beginnings and how he did not quit.

Sharing a photo taken from his earliest days in boxing, Pacquiao recalled the humble experience to inspire his fans.

“Being born into poverty is not a choice.

My siblings and I grew up with nothing. No food, no shelter, not knowing if we could survive another day without food. That did not stop me though. I always believed and still believe today that with hard work, determination, and perseverance you can defeat whatever obstacle is in front of you.

I didn’t have time to be lazy. My family’s life was on the line. I could not just stand by and do nothing. I had to fight!”

The inspirational post has received nearly 300k likes, with many netizens commenting how they were inspired by the post and reminded to be thankful for their blessings as well as to strive harder to reach their dreams. The post also had people saying they felt encouraged by Pacquiao to not give up even though they are facing a lot of hardships in life…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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