GUIDE: 10 tips to pass teacher board exam from LET topnotcher

The Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET), administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), continues to have the most number of takers.

To pass the teacher’s board exam, hopeful must obtain an average rating of not less than 75% and must have no rating of lower than 50% in any of the test.

10 tips to pass teacher board exam from LET topnotcher

Clearly, passing the LET is no easy feat and aspiring licensed teachers need all the support they can get.

September 2015 LET top 2 scorer Iah Bantang Seraspi shared 10 tips and specific pointers that examinees can review to help prepare them for the exam. A graduate of Romblon State University and a daughter of a fisherman, Seraspi earned a mark of 90% in the LET.

Here are the study guide or pointers suggested by Seraspi for LET takers:

1. Laws, rights and code of conducts of teachers

  • Study well the Republic Act # 7836 or the Professional Teachers Professionalism Act of 1994, Magna Carta and Code of Ethics of Teachers

2. Foundations of education

  • Study the sociological, historical, psychological and philosophical foundations that led to the formation of education

3. Principles of Teaching: Classroom management

  • How to manage your class based on the situations asked (situational analysis)
  • Know the concepts and terminologies

4. Growth and development theories

  • Master the theories and its correct application to situations or scenarios

5. Types of test and test construction

  • For assessment, make sure you understand well the study validity, reliability and test construction

6. Changes in curriculum and developmental reading

  • Make sure you know the various changes the curriculum have had through the years
  • Do not neglect your developmental reading, there are many vocabulary words

7. General Education: Science-basic concepts

  • Study the basic concepts of science
  • Widen your knowledge on terms and definition

8. Math: Algebra, percentage, word problems

  • Make sure you know how to solve math problems from fractions, geometry, trigonometry, algebra

9. English: Figures of speech, subject-verb agreement, grammar

  • Learn how to use correct grammar
  • Be careful with your sentence construction including correct use of subject-verb agreement
  • Figures of speech, metaphors, vocabulary

10. Rights: Parts of the constitution

  • Familiarize the parts of the Constitution, including the preamble and the 18 self-contained articles

Meanwhile, 2008 LET passer and 2nd-placer, now a LET review lecturer, Ana-Liza Ani Bojocan also shared a few more tips to help you prepare for the exams:

1. Self-motivation

There will be a number of challenges along the way, but knowing your goals and having the willpower will help you immensely.

2. Know your learning style

Know your learning preferences, limitations and capabilities.

3. Prepare a plan for your review

Preparing a review plan will help as you will be able to see your roadmap, the areas to focus more and the timing for the review. This will make your review more effective and efficient.

4. Stay positive

Holding on to positive thoughts and visualizing the success would help you become motivated in passing or leading the licensure exam.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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