Bea Alonzo posts cryptic message saying 'enough'

MANILA, Philippines – Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto quickly took the top trending spots of Twitter on Monday morning.
"Julia" and "Gerald" trend as Bea Alonzo posts cryptic message saying "enough"

Julia Barretto paired with Gerald Anderson in "Between Maybes"
Julia Barretto paired with Gerald Anderson in "Between Maybes" movie | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Julia Barretto

This came after, Gerald Anderson's girlfriend, Bea Alonzo posted a cryptic message saying "enough" to a person who keeps on making the same mistake again.

Bea posted on Instagram, "You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice” ENOUGH."

The actress also added on her Instagram Stories, "Something I learned about people, if they do it once, they'll do it again."

Bea Alonzo said she's had "enough"
Bea Alonzo said she's had "enough" | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Bea Alonzo

Fueling to Bea's sentiments were photos shared online showing Gerald partying with Julia. On Instagram, a netizen posted a lengthy message about how she saw Gerald and Julia seem to be too comfortable with each other at Rayver Cruz's birthday party.

The netizen testified seeing the two were "in the same car together and iba ang gestures nila. Tinatago man, halata pa din, okay."

"I don't like to assume or judge pero kawawa kasi (si Bea) and sobrang manloloko (ni Gerald)," excerpt of the message reads.

Speculation of Julia and Gerald being together behind Bea's back has been brewing since the two paired in the movie "Between Maybes."

Julia and Joshua Garcia also went through some tough times after the said movie until they eventually broke up. They both denied any involvement of a third party.

Netizens also noticed that Joshua "liked" Bea's viral cryptic Instagram posts. Bea also deleted all her photos with Gerald.

Para sa lahat ng ngsasabi na nagssinungaling and naninira lang. NOPE. I'm not lying. And ano mkkuha ko dun? There you go! Yan nlng ipakita ko. Hindi lang keme friends dahil bday ni rayver. Hello. They went on the same car together alone and iba gestures nila. Tinatago man halata padin OKAY. I dont like to assume or judge pero kawawa kase and sobrng manloloko. I already sent a message to bea. Clearly we don't know all the details kung ano man nangyayare in their real personal life. Pero one thing is for sure. HE DOESN'T DESERVE BEA ALONZO! 😡 After everything ginawa nya. Minahal and hindi sya jinudge sa past nya sa gnwa nya sa mag bestfriend ( kimm and maja ) Minahal nya padin even nung ngkamovie sila ni Pia. Niloko nya pero pinatawad at mas lalong nya pdin minahal. She even organized a surprise birthday party for him. Nakakaloka. Ano lahat nlng ba ng leading lady nya lalandiiin nya or jojowain nya? Ganon ba yun? Sabi nga nila, Once a cheater, always a cheater 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I adore and love bea so much. I hope masakit man o mahirap, sana hiwalayan nya na ng tuluyan si Gerald. With regards to Julia B. kung ano man reason nya selfcare selflove keme bestfriend sila ng ex nya bahala sya. I don't care about her life or decisions basta yan lang nakita ko. Si Bea na nakakaalam nyan and sila. Basta we are here for bea. We love her and she deserves better 😢😣 #beaalonzo #geraldanderson edit : she liked my photo after minutes of posting this 😭 and posted a confirmation "ENOUGH" Huhuhu edit kung tama man ako or hndi basta niloko sya! HUGS AND LOVE FROM US. ❤️😣
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Marjorie defends daughter Julia

Meanwhile, Marjorie Barretto defended her daughter, Julia, amidst all the hate hurled at her. The celebrity mother explained that the photo of Julia with Gerald was actually a group photo.

Marjorie said, "Please explain too that this photo was taken at the party of Rayver. That you zoomed in on the photo. If you care to zoom out, they were a big group that includes my nephew."

She added, "I don't see anything wrong with this photo. They don't seem to be hiding. There are people around, and if I'm not mistaken, Julia was waving at someone."

"This is not a date. They know each other. They have worked together and are friends," Marjorie said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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