SSS maternity benefits to increase up to P70,000 by January 2020

    MANILA, Philippines – The Social Security System (SSS) announced that there will be a significant increase in the maternity benefits members can receive starting year 2020.

    SSS maternity benefits to increase up to P70,000 by January 2020
    SSS female members can expect as much as P70,000 in maternity financial assistance by 2020 | Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN

    In an announcement released by SSS, the maternity financial assistance that members can expect may reach up to a maximum of P70,000 by January 2020. This is more than twice the current maternity financial assistance of P32,000.

    SSS President and CEO Aurora Ignacio said that the increase is in line with the SSS Act of 2018, that mandated new minimum and maximum monthly salary credit implemented last April. Members who pay the new maximum monthly salary credit of P20,000, can expect to receive the maximum financial assistance of P70,000.

    SSS also shared that under the Republic Act No. 11210 or Expanded Maternity Leave Act, they were able to assist as many as 122,000 female SSS members during their pregnancy from January to April 2019.

    Ignacio said mothers were able to enjoy the 105-days of paid leave.

    “Those who gave birth starting March 11, 2019 when the 105 day-expanded maternity leave law (Republic Act 11210) took effect have benefited from the longer period of recuperation, after giving birth and a longer time to take care of their newborns,” she added.

    SSS said they were able assist 122,000 female members within 4 months
    SSS said they were able assist 122,000 female members within 4 months | Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

    The pension fund explained that they were able to disburse up to P2.67 billion in maternity benefits within 4 months (January to April 2019.) This was a significant 15.09% increase from the P2.32 billion they disbursed in the same period last year.

    Ignacio also reiterated the need for SSS members, particularly employers who already paid their contributions in advance to have their maternity benefit adjusted.

    In accordance with Expanded Maternity Leave Law, qualified female employees who paid in advance need to submit proof of payment with their request for adjustment, including a photocopy of solo parent ID, if applicable.

    “For self-employed, voluntary members, OFW workers, members separated from employment -- payment of differential shall be made through banks or through checks as the case maybe. Based on the initial settlement of the maternity claim, SSS started paying the differential due self-employed and voluntary members on June 13,” Ignacio added.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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