Graduate shares inspiring story, jokes about being ‘Major in Chemotherapy’

MANILA, Philippines – Life might not always give us what we want or what we wish for, but it’s still up to us to deal with the situation without breaking down. That’s easier said than done, of course, but quite a number of inspiring people went viral for their impressive ways to deal with the difficulties they face in life.
Graduate shares inspiring story, jokes about being ‘Major in Chemotherapy’

Take for example a young lady named Ann Jasmine Aspiras who recently graduated from the course of BS Management Accounting, but jokingly added ‘Major in Chemotherapy’ to the degree she earned from the University of Santo Tomas – Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy.

The young student shared that people had always expected she would excel in college, mainly because she had been a consistent honor student since kindergarten. But life in college is so much different from high school; thus, she experienced her fair share of disappointments, failing scores, and bad grades.

Jasmine knew she had to give up her dream of becoming a Dean’s Lister because her failing marks eventually forced her to shift from BS Accountancy to BS Management Accounting. She experienced the discrimination that many students with the same course have to go through.

Graduate shares inspiring story, jokes about being ‘Major in Chemotherapy’
Photo credit: Ann Jasmine Aspiras / Facebook

She pushed herself to study hard, oftentimes foregoing meals to focus on her studies. But her body protested. There came a time when her body gave up and would not cooperate with her plans. She gets paralyzed during evenings and could not do anything. Fearing that she would fail and get expelled from the college, she would drink three painkillers and forced herself to study even if the pain was almost unbearable.

While Jasmine passed all her subjects that semester, she was diagnosed with cancer the day after she received her grades. Cancer pushed back her plans, making her miss two semesters as she underwent chemotherapy.

After 8 months of intensive treatment, her doctor gave the go signal for her to go back to school. She juggled her chemotherapy sessions with her studies, choosing not to tell her teachers about what she was going through so they wouldn’t just make her pass the course out of pity.

There were times when she had to miss quizzes or make up excuses to take the tests earlier than her classmates because the scheduled date clashes with her chemo sessions. But Jasmine managed to exceed expectations, finally graduating from college after ‘a bunch of hardships’.

She didn’t graduate as honor student but Jasmine inspired countless people for overcoming the difficult challenges she had to face in her college years.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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