Four friends in Top 10 of 2018 Bar Exams

MANILA, Philippines – Passing the 2018 Bar Exams was the best feeling in the world for four friends who did not just pass but also made it to the Top 10!

Netizens are calling these four as #BarkadaGoals after their story was shared on social media.

The day the results were released by the Supreme Court became an instant reunion for the four who made it to the Top 10. Marcley Augustus Natu-el ranked 2nd while Mark Lawrence Badayos made it to 3rd place. Meanwhile, Jebb Lynus Cane is on the 9th place and Alen Joel Pita is at the 10th place.

The friends met while they were studying at the Law School of the University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu City. Their tight-knit bond easily meant they were each other’s study buddies and support group. There was friendly competition among the group, but this did not hinder their friendship or their studies. Instead, they made sure to uplift each other and help everyone with their lessons.

Four friends USC in Top 10 of 2018 Bar Exams
In photo (L-R): Alen Joel Pita (10th place), Marcley Augustus Natu-el (2nd place), Mark Lawrence Badayos (3rd place), and Jebb Lynus Cane (9th place) | Photo credit: Clark Panugalinog / The Freeman - News5 Features

Aside from excelling in their studies, these four have also made names for themselves in other areas relevant to their Law degrees.

Badayos was among the champions during the “ANC Square Off Season 13” and has won several moot court competitions outside the Philippines.

“It’s easier to go through the journey, if you have unified struggles, you have unified goals,” Badayos shared.

Meanwhile, Natu-el received the ABS-CBN Medal of Excellence Award which inspired him to continue reaching for his goals. The son of a retired general, Natu-el knows the hardships and threats that lawyers face in the country; yet he decided to pursue this career to help others.

“I don't think that’s enough to stop me from pursuing my dream of helping other people,” Natu-el said.

The Dean of the College of Law of the University of San Carlos (USC) expressed pride in these new lawyers, sharing that the school has produced topnotchers for the past four consecutive years. The dean said that having these topnotchers is a great honor to the school but the laurels rest entirely on the students, saying the school and the teachers were only there to give them proper guidance.

As they celebrate their triumph, these topnotchers are among the many law students calling for the decentralization of Bar Exams so that the tests can also be administered in places outside Metro Manila, including Cebu City and places in Mindanao.

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— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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