Angel Locsin slams Jimmy Bondoc for wishing ABS-CBN's downfall

MANILA, Philippines – Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin decided to share her thoughts on Jimmy Bondoc's recent viral Facebook post which alludes to ABS-CBN's downfall.

Angel Locsin slams Jimmy Bondoc for wishing ABS-CBN's downfall
Angel Locsin shares heated words with Jimmy Bondoc for wishing ABS-CBN's downfall.

Bondoc, appointed by the President as an Assistant Vice President for Entertainment ng Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), posted a series of controversial posts wishing for the downfall of the “biggest TV network.”

Bondoc posted on his Facebook page, “I am so excited to see the biggest tv network close down. This company is a snake pit, where success is based on politics and sexual favors. NOBODY dares to talk about it because they either benefit from it, or they would rather not have them as enemies. Read before you judge me.”

"ART and CULTURE have been ruined by this network. Our moral fiber as a nation, too. Wide-eyed kids seek dreams and fall in line, not knowing the hell that their lives will be plunged into.

They have contests where the winners have been pre-determined, or are manipulated to suit the whims of the hidden bosses. Their news is for sale, highest bidder gets the slant. And foreign groups are usually the victors.

I AM EAGERLY AWAITING YOUR DEMISE. I know how this sounds. And I know the nasty comments which are bound to come. I don't care.

If you think COMELEC is bad, wait until you see the real machinery that is known as 'the biggest network.' This is not schadenfraude. This is hope! This is for real change

You have COUNTLESS VICTIMS, from sexual harassment to plain and simple bullying. I am so happy that your time has come."

Netizens were quick to point that Bondoc was referring to ABS-CBN. Bondoc has been an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte who earlier warned to block the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise, which will be expiring in 2020.

Locsin, who currently stars in one of ABS-CBN’s primetime show, “The General’s Daughter” didn’t take Bondoc’s message lightly.

Even without tagging Bondoc or dropping names, Locsin alluded to the “Let Me Be the One" singer’s criticisms. Locsin reiterated that wishing that many may lose their jobs is wrong.

Locsin tweeted, "Let me be the one to break this news to you so you don’t have to make excuses. The network might not be perfect but for you to be happy about thousands of people losing their jobs is pure evil. Maybe you’re just having a bad day. I will pray for you.”

"Nung sumikat ka ba may na experience ka na sexual harassment? If yes i encourage you and all the victims to report this to the police. But generalizing that sexual favor is a prerequisite to success is just wrong."

Locsin’s tweet quickly reached Bondoc who also took the time to reply and answer her message.

Bondoc wrote on Facebook, “"Ma’am Angel, All due respect to you; In my opinion, it was not a generalization, but rather a recognition of its existence. However, generalized or not, one case of verified harassment is one too many, personal or not.”

“It is not about "pagsikat." It is more about many people who do NOT make it because they do not acquiesce; I do not believe na "sumikat" po ako, and I think this is beside the point.”

“Filing a case under Art. 245 or 336 is not an option for most artists who are usually too young to know better. There are social repercussions that a teen or 20-something year old would not be equipped to handle. There is a case filed now, as far as I know, by a more known personality. But the case might not be open for discussion being sub judice.”

"To be clear, the post was not meant to apply to the artists or the hapless employees.
"It is about the system, and the consequences of the unwarranted benefits that I BELIEVE this network has received from past administrations.
"But of course, I expected the negative reactions. So be it."

Locsin refused to back down and send her “last message” about the issue:

“As you said, when a network changes closes it can mean a change of management or ownership, keyword is can. I’m speaking for the thousand of employees that will have no job security when it happens. The assumption I gave is from your statement that you are excited for the network to close. I am not a lawyer nor a politician. I have no knowledge of how it was acquired. I am just a human being hoping for a peaceful resolution to this problem so that thousand of jobs can be saved.

Regarding the sexual favors, politics, rigged contests you claimed to have happened. If every any of these happened to you or anyone you know, please report to the proper authorities. Don’t just rant on Facebook. Your rant discredits the artists that really worked hard to get where they are.”

Magtulungan tayo at hindi magsiraan. Let’s not wish ill of others rather let’s look for proper solutions. And yes, I was sincere when I said I will pray for you. Have a good day!”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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