Parents give reward of money equivalent to son’s total grades

Parents know that children do perform better when they know they will be rewarded. This applies to many things and aspects; not just in doing chores at home but also in working for their grades in school or in activities they learn outside the classroom.
Parents give reward of money equivalent to son’s total grades

The rewards vary, depending on the parents and what they wish to give their kids or the type of achievement the kid excelled in. But a lot of parents give their children money or gadgets as a reward, especially for getting good grades.

While most parents give their rewards based on the child’s general average, some actually base the rewards on the individual grades.

Mary Joy Piquero and Mark Piquero recently went viral after sharing how they reward their son for his good grades. Instead of simply basing the reward on his general average, they decided to give him a reward money that is equivalent to his total grades.

How does it work?

Parents give reward of money equivalent to son’s total grades
Photo credit: Mary Joy Piquero / Facebook

Happy that their son excelled in his studies and got high marks in most of his subjects, the proud parents decided to make him add up all the final grades he received. The sum of the 12 items is at 1,086 – and they gave him Php1 for every mark. Thus, the kid got Php1,086 in cash! Wow.

Mary Joy wrote on Facebook:

Kuya: compute-in mo lahat ng grade mo sa final grade

*lumabas 1,086*

Thankkk Youu kuyaaaa luuvvyouuu

The post went viral, with many students tagging their parents and elder siblings in hopes of getting a similar reward.

“Ma, magco-compute na po ako! Kahit half lang, okay na,” one netizen joked as she tagged her mother.

Others hoped their parents would just give them other forms of reward. Some also noted that it would be nice if all parents did this, because the students could still get a good amount of money even if their grades aren’t high.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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