Catriona Gray responds to netizen who lectured her on real meaning of Holy Week

    MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray decided to speak her mind and respond to a netizen who schooled her on the real meaning of the Holy Week.
    Catriona Gray

    On Instagram, Catriona posted a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit and dipping in a beautiful beach. She said that she regrets not being able to enjoy the Philippine beaches when she visited last week.

    Catriona Gray summer holy week
    Catriona Gray defends self from netizen’s opinion | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Catriona Gray

    The beauty queen wrote, “Where I’d rather be to escape the Philippine summer heat.”

    “I unfortunately wasn’t able to get vitamin sea on my short trip back home to the Philippines but the beach is where my mind will be!,” she added.

    The post didn't seem to sit too well with a netizen who called out the beauty queen for alleged inappropriate timing of the post.

    The netizen wrote, “Holy Week is not about vacationing.”

    Catriona replied and defended herself. She said, “Holy Week is a very meaningful time for Christians (like me), Catholics and other faiths.”

    “But as I speak to an audience of an array of faiths and beliefs, within and outside of the Philippines, I want to be inclusive with the conversations I pose on social media,” she added

    The Fil-Aussie beauty queen has earlier shared she promotes diversity and inclusiveness in representing the Philippines globally.

    Catriona said, “Obviously, everyone doesn’t fall under one umbrella whether it would be their values, their beliefs, their characteristics, their upbringing.”

    Being brought up in different cultures made her more open minded. Catriona added, “My background enabled me to have a broader outlook of how the world works. It gave me a keen mindfulness about where people are coming from and to be considerate about it.”

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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