Inspiring kid refuses to quit school despite ballpen made of wood and rubber band

It is said that education is the key to success, yet a lot of young people are not able to go to school for various reasons. One of this is the lack of money to buy their school supplies; such a situation often leads to many students simply quitting school.
kid ballpen made of wood and rubber band in Samar

But one inspiring student from Samar has gone viral for not quitting school and for refusing to be absent even if he doesn’t have a proper ballpen. This kid was born to a poor family who could not afford to buy him school supplies, yet he found a way to solve the problem by creating a makeshift ballpen using wood and rubber band.

kid ballpen made of wood and rubber band in Samar
Photo credit: Maricor Baculanta / Facebook

Teacher Maricor Baculanta, under the Facebook account Moshi De Vera-Bacs, narrated how her heart broke upon seeing what her student was using to write on his paper while she was giving them a quiz. Instead of a regular plastic ballpen, this kid was using something that he had obviously created by himself.

Wrapped inside a piece of wood and held together by rubber bands is a ballpen refill. He uses this makeshift ballpen in his class, allowing him to still be in school and copy his lessons despite not being able to buy a proper ballpen.

kid ballpen made of wood and rubber band in Samar
Photo credit: Maricor Baculanta / Facebook

The student goes to school at Union Elementary School in Sta Rita, Samar. When his story went viral, a lot of netizens promised to provide all the help they could send him to ensure he never has to use a makeshift ballpen again.

Many netizens admired the kid’s diligence in school, despite not having a proper ballpen to use in class.

“Swerte ng magulang ng batang to… yung anak nila matsaga mag aral di tulad nung iba need pa bilihan ng kung ano anong gadgets mag aral lang tapos madalas pasang awa pa…” netizen Cael Tabbris commented.

Others hoped that the kid would get financial assistance so he could buy a good ballpen as well as other supplies he most likely needs.

Many netizens also shared how their kids often feel indifferent about their ballpens and other school stuff, not caring if these are lost.

Aside from hoping this boy could get help, others also hoped his story would serve as lesson for other kids not to waste their resources…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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