These nurses took a chance and found a new home for their family in Germany

Philip and Joy Cepriaso knew that working abroad would give them better opportunities but just like any other parents, they wished that they didn't have to leave their children behind.

Even though Philip has worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia for 2 years, working long time abroad was not on his mind. When his contract ended, he decided not to renew it anymore. Joy explained, “Working abroad was not our goal. We wanted to be together as a family.”

filipino nurses family in germany triple win project story
Philip and Joy Cepriaso wanted to be together as a family | Photo Courtesy: Joy Cepriaso

The couple met during their college years, reviewed and passed the nursing board exams together.

“This time, I will look for other countries na pwede tayo magkasama no matter what it takes,” Philip promised his wife after living apart from her and their children.

Their big break came through Germany's Triple Win Project. It is a government-to-government initiative where qualified nurses are given job opportunities in Germany. Under the program, hired applicants need not pay for anything. The employer will pay for the visa and airfare from the Philippines to Germany.

Just this year, newly hired nurses can expect a minimum wage of 2,000 euros before and 2,400 after recognition as a qualified nurse.

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filipino nurses family in germany triple win project story
Their break came through Germany’s Triple Win Project | Photo Courtesy: Joy Cepriaso

But since German language proficiency is required, Philip needed to undergo a year of training in Manila. Philip was a bit hesitant but took the risk. Joy said, “At first, I was hesitant because I felt a year of studying the language full time is too long. But Philip was determined to take it.”

All their hardwork paid off when Philip passed all the exams and he finally flew to Germany in 2016 to work as an assistant nurse. After almost a year, he became a registered nurse. Fulfilling his promise to his wife, Philip applied for a Family Reunion Visa. In May 2017, Joy and her daughters arrived in Munich.

filipino nurses family in germany triple win project story
Within almost a year, Joy and her children followed Philip in Germany | Photo Courtesy: Joy Cepriaso

Joy is also now on his way to becoming a registered nurse. She is currently taking German language course in Munich.

Their two daughters, Sapphira, now 10 years old, is in 4th grade while Sepphora, 4 years old, is enrolled in kindergarten.

Life has been different but Joy and Philip are beyond thankful that they took the risk.

One of their main challenges was learning the Deutsch especially the Bavarian dialect. But with enough perseverance, Sepphora was able to adjust to the language pretty quickly.

The couple said that while going back in the Philippines is an option, that might not be anytime soon. Joy said, “We want our children to finish their education here. So far, we are enjoying our stay here.”

“The most important thing is we are together. For now, Munich is our home away from home,” Joy added.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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