Duterte mulls changing name of the Philippines someday

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte is thinking of changing the Philippines’ name someday.

Duterte mulls changing name of the Philippines to Maharlika
Philippines to 'Maharlika'? President Rodrigo Duterte mulls changing name of the country.

During the distribution of certificates of land ownership award in Maguindanao, the President admitted that he is eyeing the possibility of changing the name of our country but maybe not anytime soon.

Duterte said that before we were left with no choice because we were discovered using King Philip's money. Duterte said, “Wala na tayong magawa. Philippines. Philippines because it was discovered by (Ferdinand) Magellan using the money of King Philip. Kaya pagdating ng u*** ginawang Philippines. Pero okay na ‘yan, balang araw palitan natin.”

Duterte said that he agrees with former President Ferdinand Marcos’ previous suggestion of changing the Philippines’ name to “Maharlika.”

The President said, “Actually, tama si (Ferdinand) Marcos. Panahon ni Marcos, tama talaga si Marcos. Gusto niya palitan (ng) Maharlika… the Republic of Maharlika. Gusto niya palitan it means… more of concept of serenity and peace.”

Back in 1978, a Parliamentary Bill was submitted for approval seeking to change the “Philippines” to “Maharlika,” meaning “nobly created.” The author of the Senator Eddie Ilarde was heavily criticized because it was allegedly associated with Marcos.

The Philippines was first named as “Las Islas Filipinas” and given by Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. It was named after Spain's King Philip II in the 16th century, who was
the country's colonizer at that time.

Changing a country's name is possible either by amending the constitution or introducing a new law. After adopting a new name, the country will inform other countries of the changes, as well as international organizations like the United Nations.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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