Pacquiao thwarts Broner, retains WBA Welterweight title

MANILA, Philippines – Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao returned to the United States after 2 years and successfully defended his WBA Welterweight title after a unanimous win over Adrien “The Problem” Broner on January 19, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Sunday, Philippine time).

Pacquiao thwarts Broner, retains WBA Welterweight title
Pacquiao outscores Broner for the unanimous win. Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

There were two things that Pacquiao wanted to prove when he squared up with Broner. First, with his age of 40, he showed that age is merely just a number. Second, he’s calling out Floyd “Money” Mayweather for a re-match.

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For Broner, beating Pacquiao will mean the world to him as it will make him a legend instantly and possibly more high-caliber fights and more hefty paychecks. But before that lavish dream, he has to dethrone the well-oiled and healthy WBA Welterweight champion, Pacquiao.

Pacquiao said, now that he’s healthy, he can beat Mayweather anytime and anywhere. With this, Pacman showed his speed, footwork, power and pinned Broner on the ropes as the opening bell sounded.

Manny connected few clean straights to Adrien while the latter tried to land a lucky hook at the end of the inaugural round.

In all 33 fights of Broner, “The Problem” hasn’t lost via a KO but, he got decked twice by a lefty and via left hooks by Marcos Maidana. Everyone knows that Pacquiao’s left hook is devastating and therefore, could down Broner anew in this fight.

The American pugilist was obviously stunned by the Filipino’s blinding speed and became a stationary target in the 2nd round with Pacquiao landed a handful of good jabs.

Broner was expected to counter attack Pacquiao but he ate more punches from the current champion and had to backpedal to avoid absorbing more hits in the third.

Adrien became more aggressive in the 4th round and stuck to his counter attacking game plan and ducked more of Manny’s throws that attracted the judges and probably gave him the round.

Pacquiao attempted to surge and caught Broner couple of times on the ropes in the fifth. Still, Manny relied on his jabs to keep Adrien from countering.

Midway of the bout, Pacquiao switched to throwing body shots from a lower stance to avoid Broner’s counter left hook. 6th round’s ending was wild as both fighters hit each other hard with Broner landing a short hook to Pacquiao’s right chin.

In the seventh, Pacquiao retaliated and hunted Broner, rained him with flurry of punches as the American retreated. Under a minute, Manny caught Broner on the ropes once again and bombarded him with rapid punches. Broner looked shocked and seemed gassed out but fortunate to be saved by the bell.

It was Broner’s time to throw jabs to fend off Pacquiao and to give himself more breather to recuperate from the previous round. Aside from wide opened mouth which is a sign of exhaustion, Broner’s guard was unconsciously going down in the 8th round that paved a way for Manny to land a right hook in the head.

Manny continued his body shots to drain Adrien’s energy in the 9th round and to open an opportunity to finish off the American in the remaining rounds. Once again, Broner sustained another hard left to the chin from Pacquiao that almost sent him on the canvas.

Pacquiao, although ahead in the scorecard, was relentless and pursued Broner in the 10th round but the latter kept on backpedaling and didn’t throw a significant punch until the end of the tenth.

“The Problem” just played safe in the penultimate chapter in order to get away from a potential knockdown. But Pacman remained focus and kept his eyes on his target and hoped for another big shot that will finally put his opponent to sleep for the first time.

With Broner’s lackluster performance in the 11th round, the fans filled the arena with boos.

Come the final round and as everybody knows, Pacquiao went all out while Broner wished for one lucky punch that will reverse everything in his favor. But Pacman didn’t give him a chance and outscored and probably solved “The Problem”.

As both fighters and coaches huddled in the middle of the ring after the fight, referee Russell Mora raised Manny Pacquiao’s hand for a unanimous victory.

With the win, Pacquiao declared that his boxing journey continues even at the age of 40. Asked if he’s fighting Mayweather next, the Senator said that he’s willing to fight the undefeated boxer if he’s coming out of retirement.

From The Summit Express, congratulations at Mabuhay ka Sen. Manny Pacquiao!

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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