Jeepney driver’s son, now a millionaire after teaching himself to trade stocks

    MANILA, Philippines – “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake.” – Anonymous
    Akio now a millionaire trade stocks

    Born to a poor family, with his dad a jeepney driver and his mother a vendor, a young man who goes by the handle ‘Akio’ on social media would not let those circumstances stop him from living his dreams. He worked hard, taught himself to trade stocks, rose from many failures, and now enjoys being a millionaire handling 7-digit portfolios!

    But the road to success was not easy, even for Akio.

    Akio now a millionaire trade stocks
    Photo credit: MoneyGrowersPH

    Knowing his parents could not support him in college by themselves, he decided to help out by opening a business, a food-and-beverage stall he called ‘Sugar Daddy’. He would also have a stint as head of filmmaking for a local studio.

    He used his savings amounting to Php10,000 to open an account with online brokerage firm COL Financial. This was back in 2012.

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    Inspired by a veteran stock trader named ‘Zeefreaks’, Akio began to invest more in stocks by 2014. He closed his business and invested Php100,000 in stocks. Unfortunately, though he copied Zeefreaks’ trading style, he lost most of his money!

    Akio now a millionaire trade stocks
    Photo credit: MoneyGrowersPH

    Not losing hope, he borrowed Php400,000 as leverage; his mother wasn’t happy about the decision. It turned out his mother was right at the time because he would also lose all that money in trading!

    “Sobrang sakit noon… Hindi mo alam kung paano babawiin,” he admitted.

    Losing half a million to stock trading is no joke, especially to someone who had grown up poor – and had only borrowed most of that money! But Akio decided to still pursue his dream, teaching himself to trade in such a way that he would maximize his profits while minimizing his losses.

    Akio now a millionaire trade stocks
    Photo credit: MoneyGrowersPH

    Little by little, he was able to recuperate his losses. Two years after losing everything to the stock market, Akio had already doubled his capital and was handling a 7-digit portfolio!

    The self-taught stock trader gamely shares his knowledge on his YouTube channel, MoneyGrowersPH. The young man has a huge following of people interested in learning more about stock trading.

    Akio now a millionaire trade stocks
    Photo credit: MoneyGrowersPH

    From a lowly jeepney driver’s son who could barely make ends meet, Akio has become a millionaire! His success story continues to inspire many of his followers on social media and even the people he meets when he makes inspirational talks about his success in this field.

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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