Japan needs 345,000 foreign workers, families allowed to go


MANILA, Philippines – Heads up to those looking for a job! Japan is seeking to hire 345,000 foreign workers in 2019. What makes this opportunity better than the existing job opportunities in Japan is that workers are allowed to bring their families, extend or renew their contracts, and apply for immigrant status.
Japan needs 345,000 foreign workers, families allowed to go

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announced that this new employment track is different from the existing Technical Internship Training Program (TITP) in Japan wherein Filipinos are only accepted as ‘trainees’ and could only work up to 5 years in the country.

Japan needs 345,000 foreign workers, families allowed to go
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In the new employment track, Filipinos will be accepted with a “specified skilled worker visa”. Workers are allowed to renew or extend their 5-year contract and apply for immigrant status, giving them a chance to stay in Japan for good.

Many Filipinos also welcome the news that they are allowed to bring their families to Japan.

According to the POEA, TITP trainees are also allowed to migrate to the employment track; though POEA administrator Bernard Olalia did not expound whether they are given priority over new applicants.

However, Olalia said that those who are interested to apply for the new job track should pass the language proficiency exam and skills test. Requirements will also be stricter than the TITP but the benefits are significantly better.

Japan needs 345,000 foreign workers, families allowed to go
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Japan will be needing these 345,000 workers to fulfill a total of fourteen job categories, allowing a variety of workers a chance to find a job in the country.

Jobs will be made available for the following categories:

  • Accommodation industry
  • Agriculture
  • Automobile repair and maintenance
  • Aviation industry
  • Building cleaning management
  • Care workers
  • Construction
  • Electric, electronics and information
  • Fishery and aquaculture
  • Food service industry
  • Industrial machinery
  • Machine parts and tooling
  • Manufacture of food and beverages
  • Shipbuilding and ship machinery

According to the POEA, the Philippines and Japan are set to ink the deal in the coming months for the implementation of the specified skilled worker visa this April.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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