Andaya to sue Diokno if pay hike for gov't workers will be delayed

MANILA, Philippines – House Majority Leader Rolando Andaya has threatened Budget secretary Benjamin Diokno that he will be facing raps if the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) fails to implement the salary increase for government workers by January 15.
Andaya to sue Diokno if pay hike for gov't workers will be delayed

Andaya to sue Diokno if pay hike for gov't workers will be delayed
House Majority Leader Rolando Andaya has threatened to file charges against Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Rolando Andaya

Andaya said that he will personally file a case for mandamus in the Supreme Court against Diokno if there will be a delay in the releasing of wage increase due to a delayed Congress approval of the proposed 2019 national budget.

Government workers are expected to receive the fourth tranche of salary increase under the Salary Standardization Law (SSL).

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Diokno earlier released a statement saying that a salary hike would be “unconstitutional” if the Congress fails to pass the 2019 budget.

Andaya slammed the statement saying that Diokno is only using “scare tactics.” He explained that even if the 2019 budget's approval will be delayed, the funds for the salary hike would not be affected.

Andaya pointed out that back in 2018 when uniformed personnel had their salary increase, it was not part of that year's national budget proposal. He said, “Considering the fact that the cash budget proposal this year is the same as last year, then a reenacted budget covers the needed funding for the salary increases.”

Diokno: Sue me

Meanwhile, Budget secretary Diokno has responded to Andaya by saying, “If I don't adjust the pay by January 15, then sue me. Go to the Supreme Court. But that is the law.... There's no legal basis for that. You cannot force me to do something that is unconstitutional.”

Benjamin Diokno

Diokno explained his decision, “It’s elementary. The salary level authorized in the 2018 budget covers the 3rd tranche of SSL but not the 4th tranche. The 4th tranche is provided for in the 2019 President’s Budget. Since the 2019 budget is yet to be approved, there is no legal basis for giving the 4th tranche.”

Diokno said that the source of funds used for the salary hike of uniformed personnel was from the 2018 Miscellaneous Personnel Benefit Fund (MBPF), which can longer be used again this year.

“Our best option is to wait for the budget to be passed," Diokno said

— Sally, The Summit Express

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