Pinay wins as UAE’s best nanny, receives Php 1 million

When her ex-husband left her and their newborn daughter, Rosie Villa decided to find a job abroad to support the child and give her a better life. For 17 years, she worked as nanny in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This year, she goes home with Php 1 million in her bank account as she was chosen as UAE’s best nanny!

Pinay wins as UAE’s best nanny, receives Php 1 million
It’s the third year a Filipina won as UAE’s Best Nanny!

The 39-year-old overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was grateful for the award and the money, especially since this came at the time when she needed it the most.

Rosie’s 17-year-old daughter is set to start college and she plans to take up BS Accountancy, a 4-year course.

Currently, Rosie earns Dh2,800 (Php40,000) but she sends most of the money to her siblings who are taking care of their parents, both of whom are bedridden.

With the money she won from the award, Rosie is happy that she will now have sure money to send her daughter to school and also help her parents. She also plans to build a house for her and her daughter, using part of her award.

“This money is a big support just at the time I needed it the most. Firstly, my daughter is about to start her college and this will secure her college fee,” Rosie shared.

“Secondly, my employer helped me set up a small grocery store in the Philippines for which I have to repay the loan. And lastly, I will use it to build a house for me and my daughter so that I can spend some quality time with her and give her back all the time I couldn't be with her.”

Rosie got lucky with her employers, In April 2019, she would be completing 6 years with her current employers, Agustina Rastelli and Andrew Wojecki. They were very supportive during the contest.

How Rosie Won as UAE’s Best Nanny

The award Rosie received came from rise, a fintech platform for migrants. On its third year now, UAE’s Best Nanny award is given to the nanny with exemplary performance.

Family and friends nominate the nanny they think deserved to win the award. Then, they have to share the official post on social media, getting as many likes as they could.

Aside from the social media aspect of the contest, a panel of judges will also judge the nannies according to their capabilities and skills, particularly in child-learning and development, health and nutrition, safety, role modeling, building a nurturing environment, and impact to the family.

The expert panel comprised of Michelle LaRowe, Stella Reid, Sarah Rasmi and Caroline Kanaan chose Rosie as the winner of the competition, not just for her excellent skills as nanny and the way she cared for her employer’s family but also on how she handled her own family in the Philippines.

Despite being a single mom, she was able to closely monitor and raise her daughter with the help of her siblings.

“It is my employers' support and trust that has given me this opportunity to secure this. They have stood by me at all times. And I am grateful to the rise team for this gift of a lifetime,” Rosie said, thanking her employers.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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