“Mom dreamed I would do this!” Catriona Gray shares first interview after win

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared how winning the world’s biggest pageant meant for her.
Catriona Gray shares first interview after win

Fresh from winning the coveted crown, Catriona Gray was beaming as she spoke to reporters about her win. The Filipina beauty queen shared that despite being a crowd favorite, she was still nervous competing against beautiful and talented ladies.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared her mother dreamed that she would win the crown | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Miss Universe

Catriona said, “The girls I was with, South Africa, Venezuela were such high-caliber, too, so it was still a guessing game for me. I didn't know... I was just praying.”

Still being a dutiful daughter, Catriona shared that she already met and talked to her parents after winning the crown. The 24-year-old beauty queen shared how emotional her mother was.

Catriona said, “I've seen my mom and dad already. And my mom was in tears and she told me: 'I dreamed you would do this.'”

The Miss Universe 2018 winner added that her mother has always been fond of watching Miss Universe and when Catriona was 13 years old, she dreamed that her daughter won the crown wearing a red dress. Catriona said, “I don't know if anyone knows but when I was 13, my mom used to watch Miss Universe all the time and she said she had a dream that I won Miss Universe in a red dress."

Destined or purely coincidental, Catriona was crowned the Miss Universe 2018 title wearing Mak Tumang’s fiery red dress. Catriona, a proud Bicolana shared that her “Lava dress” was inspired by the Mayon Volcano.

In a short video taken right after host Steve Harvey named Philippines Catriona Gray as the new Miss Universe 2018, Catriona’s parents can be seen filled with emotions. Her Filipina mother, Normita Magnayon can be seen crying as her husband hugged her. As they were filled by well wishes and cheers of congratulations from the crowd, the proud parents were in tears and said thank you.

You can watch the video here:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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