H'Hen Nie wows again as she donates entire cash prize from Miss Universe to community

Finishing in the Top 5 of the prestigious Miss Universe beauty pageant, H’hen Nie went home to Vietnam with a cash prize of 1 billion VND (around $43,000). But while she could have easily used the money for herself to take her own family out of poverty, she chose instead to donate the entire amount to the community!
H'Hen Nie wows again as she donates entire cash prize from Miss Universe to community

The selfless act was met with praise all over social media, especially because these came after reports that she had done the same thing her prize money of $10,000 back when she won as Miss Universe Vietnam.

The young woman had also received much praise on social media for not being ashamed of the fact that her family had been so poor that she had to work as domestic helper just to send herself to school.


Miss Universe Vietnam organizers proudly shared the news of their beauty queen’s donation. They also proudly pointed out that H’hen made history for Vietnam by being the first to reach the Top 5 in the prestigious international pageant.

“She's decided to donate 100% of her prize for social activities. She wants to complete her promise with her village to provide scholarships for poor students and complete her social project Room to Read (build more libraries in rural areas, support schoolgirls around the world). Such an amazing act of her,” the organizers gushed in an Instagram post which also showed photos of the beauty queen’s homecoming.

With so many people being proud of her achievement, H’hen was met with cheers at the airport! A huge crowd of fans awaited her arrival; and they cheered as they saw their queen.

The young lady was overwhelmed by the support she received from everyone.

“Thank you for welcoming me back home. I didn't feel tired, I didn't cry. But I did cry because of your warm welcoming when I was back to Vietnam, those were tears of happiness,” she wrote on her official Instagram account.

Congratulations, H’hen!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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