Marine engineering student's heartbreaking tribute to late 'marino' BF goes viral

MANILA, Philippines – A marine engineering student recently shared a heartbreaking tribute to her late ‘marino’ boyfriend and the story has gone viral, breaking hearts all over the internet.

Whinslet Cainoy shared her story on the University Confession Files, with the title, “A Seaman and Seawoman Love Story and How it Ends.”

According to Cainoy, she and her boyfriend Carl Kenneth Catapangan met while they were both taking up BS Marine Engineering at the University of Makati (UMak). Though Catapangan was ahead by 2 years, this did not hinder the two from falling in love and officially becoming a couple on September 30, 2017.

Marine engineering student's heartbreaking tribute to late 'marino' BF goes viral
Photo credit: Whinslet Cainoy / Facebook

They had a great relationship which continued to grow stronger even after Catapangan graduated. It was after graduation that Catapangan began to complain about experiencing pain in his heart but though Cainoy urged him to consult a doctor and undergo an ECG, he kept putting it off as it was certainly an added expense.

Catapangan worked long hours and tried his best to stay thrifty so he could send money to his family. Just like many young hardworking people, he worked long hours and didn’t get enough sleep. Despite feeling tired, he pushed on.

On October 31, 2018, he messaged Cainoy that he was already out of the office and at the Buendia terminal, on his way to Lucena. But he spent nearly 3 hours just waiting for a bus at the terminal because it was peak season and there were so many passengers at the time.

“Di kasi ikaw sumama. Wala tuloy nagaalaga sakin,” he half-joked to Cainoy when he was finally on the bus.

Tired from a day at work and spending hours waiting for a bus at the terminal, he would soon bid his girlfriend goodbye, apologizing for his shortcomings and telling her that he loves her so much. It would be his last text message to her.

In the wee hours of November 1, coincidentally his girlfriend’s birthday, passengers near Catapangan tried to wake him up as he was moaning in his seat, to no avail. The bus rushed him to United Doctors Hospital Candelaria, about an hour away from his destination. But he died at exactly 4:30AM due to Fatal Cardiac Arrhythmia.

Marine engineering student's heartbreaking tribute to late 'marino' BF goes viral
Photo credit: Whinslet Cainoy / Facebook

“ILOVEYOU SO MUCH moshie ko na yan ❤ Salamat sa pagaalaga, pagdamay, pag gabay saakin lalo na sa pagmamahal na walang hinihinging kapalit. Lalo na sa masasayang araw na pinagsamahan natin kahit isang taon lang. Hihintayin kita mahal kong moshie. Kung magmamahal man ako ulit gusto ko ikaw pa din. Kaya tatandaan ko ung sinabi mo saakin na "kapag tayo, tayo talaga"

Paalam na aking Carl Kenneth Catapangan❤

Bantayan mo ko lagi ha. Ako na tutupad sa mga pangarap mo. Di man kita makakasama sa pagbabarko ay kasama naman kita sa bawat paglalayag ko❤”

The heartbreaking tribute touched netizens’ hearts, with many encouraging Cainoy to stay strong and live their shared dreams of boarding a boat and sailing the world…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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