WATCH: Filipino actor stars as F4 member in Indonesian ‘Meteor Garden’

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino actor is making a name in the Indonesian television as he acts alongside big shot Indonesian actors in the “Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta (STJC),” the Indonesian remake of the widely popular Taiwanese drama series “Meteor Garden.”
Filipino actor stars as F4 member in Indonesian ‘Meteor Garden’

Teejay Marquez is a 25-year-old Pinoy actor, dancer, endorser and vlogger. He started his acting career back in 2009, appearing in a few ABS-CBN and GMA shows. The “tween star” earned his fame in Indonesia when one of his dubsmash videos became viral. Since then, Marquez had a stream of Indonesian fans and followers supporting for his movies, television series and endorsements. He even launched his own mobile phone app.

Filipino actor stars as F4 member in Indonesian ‘Meteor Garden’
Teejay Marquez stars alongside Indonesia’s actors | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Teejay Marquez

Marquez’s latest project in Indonesia is again making raves. The Pinoy actor starred as “Sean,” one of the F4 members, whose personality would be similar to the original F4’s “Xi Men”, portrayed by Ken Chu. The “Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta (STJC)” ran for eight months up until October 2018.

Marquez added that he was really a fan of the original “Meteor Garden” and got excited when he was chosen. He said, “I had this idea of the story and sobrang excited ako nu’ng nalaman ko [na nakuha ko ’yung role], kasi big deal dito sa atin ’yun.”

The teen actor revealed how he felt when he finally met his Indonesian co-stars. Marquez said, “Noong nagsimula na mag-promo, gumawa na ako ng looktest, doon na nag-sink in na iba itong project ko ngayon, I knew it was going to be big kasi mga high-end ’yung mga kasama ko.”

Filipino actor stars as F4 member in Indonesian ‘Meteor Garden’
Teejay Marquez has a lot of Indonesian fans and supporters | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Teejay Marquez

Marquez shared that he learned the Bahasa language seriously. At first, he began learning with a tutor but when more opportunities came, Marquez had to hire a private teacher who can adjust to his hectic schedule. Even with that, the actor admits he still has to practice more. Marquez said, “Diretso na ako magsalita pero ’yung accent they find it funny kaya parang kahit anong sabihin ko natatawa sila. Comedian ba ako? Sige na nga!”

Marquez is currently in the Philippines for the holidays and taking a short break from work. Last year, he signed with Arnold Vegafria’s management outfit, ALV Talent Circuit, and at the same time signed up with Regal Entertainment. His manager, Vegafria shared that they are hoping Marquez gets more projects in his own country soon.

Filipino actor stars as F4 member in Indonesian ‘Meteor Garden’
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Teejay Marquez

Verafria said, “With what he’s done in Indonesia, Marquez could rightfully be called our ambassador of goodwill. It’s rare to have someone so young and talented waving the Philippine flag proudly in foreign shores. But more than that, what’s admirable is that he’s managed to do all this while maintaining a very clean and wholesome image, making him a perfect role model for our Pinoy youth.”

You can watch a few episodes of “Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta (STJC)” here:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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