Senator Ralph Recto to push a bill repealing CPD Law

    MANILA, Philippines – Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto issued a statement that he will sponsor a Senate bill that will repeal Republic Act 10912, or the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law.

    Senator Ralph Recto to push a bill repealing CPD Law
    Senator Ralph Recto commits to submit a Senate Bill to repeal CPD Law | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Ralph Recto

    On his Facebook page, Recto commented that the CPD failed its main purpose. He wrote, “Like many pieces of legislation, its intention was good, but not its implementation.”

    UPDATE: Recto's bill to abolish CPD Law now filed in Senate

    Recto added that it's the Congress’ “collective responsibility” to correct any law that bears any mistake.

    READ: Lawmakers formally file a bill to repeal CPD Law

    The senator is confident that they will find a solution to answer the need for professional development that “will be embraced by all without the disruptions, inconveniences and the high expenses the present one causes.”

    Recto shared that Senate offices have been receiving numerous complaints on the controversial CPD Law from “professionals in all disciplines, from all over the country” saying that it has been a challenge to renew their PRC licenses. He cited the nurses as an example, Recto said, “A large nurses alliance, for example, complained that nurses lack the money and the time to complete the 45 CPD units which can cost between P15,000 to P30,000.”

    The CPD Law has been a cause of frustration among local professionals as they called it an “unnecessary law.” An online poll made by PRC Board News last February showed that 95% of professionals want the law to be repealed.

    online poll showed that majority of Filipino professionals want the CPD Law repealed
    An online poll showed that majority of Filipino professionals want the CPD Law repealed | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ PRC Board News

    The lawmaker believed the implementation of the CPD Law does not go along with the changes and progress the government is strongly promoting. Recto said, “At a time when red tape is being shredded, rules simplified, the period of validity of licenses lengthened, I.T. maximized for remote transaction and even online learning, compulsory requirements of dubious value like CPD go against this trend.”

    In the end, Recto called out to his fellow lawmakers in the Congress to listen to the local professionals. He said, “It is time for Congress to heed the clamor of 3.2 million registered Filipino professionals to unburden them of this law.”

    Villanueva promises to amend CPD Law

    Aside from Recto, Senator Joel Villanueva already made a commitment to amend the CPD Law and even extend the PRC validity to 5 years.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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