Alden Richards sends inspiring young fan to school until college

    MANILA, Philippines – A young fan from Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental who became viral for his impressive skills even with his disabilities has impressed Alden Richards. The actor decided to send his fan to school and pledged to pay for everything until he finishes college.

    Alden Richards sends inspiring young fan to school until college
    'Victor Magtanggol' Alden Richards gave his fan Niño a gift of education | Screengrab KMJS Facebook video

    Niño touched the heart of the public with his positive attitude and hardwork despite being born with no arms. At 8 years old, the young boy already had impressive carpentry skills. He can even hammer and saw his own wooden toy truck. Niño’s mother, Michelle said that when her boy was born, her family were scared to present the newborn to her due to his disabilities. But years have passed and Niño has proven that he could do almost anything a normal boy can do.

    Eventhough Niño was born with no arms, he has big dreams. He wants to someday become an engineer. Niño said, “Gusto ko po maging engineer para makatulong sa aking pamilya and maayos ang aming bahay.” So, the young dreamer tirelessly goes to school. Everyday he bathes and prepares himself to learn. Niño has his own school chair that allows him to write using his left foot. The diligent student said, “Wala po akong kamay pero matalino po ako.”

    Alden Richards sends inspiring young fan to school until college
    Screengrab KMJS Facebook video.

    At home, the dutiful son would also help with the household chores. He would wash the dishes using his feet and sweep the floor. Niño can even ride a bike and swim in the river. Sometimes, the boy admits that he still prays to God to be given a pair of arms. Niño said his prayer goes, “Jesus, bigyan mo ako kamay para makatulong sa pamilya ko.” The next day he woke up and said, “Pagkagising ko po kinabukasan, akala ko may kamay na ako pero wala pa rin.”

    The young boy who defies the odds found a hero he can look up to -- Victor Magtanggol. Niño shared that despite all the difficulties in life, he finds positivity and inspiration in GMA’s newest superhero. And again, the young boy prayed that he could one day meet the actor behind his superhero, Alden Richards.

    Alden Richards helps change Niño’s life

    Just like any good story, GMA’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho decided to make a young boy’s dream come true. Niño was invited on the set of Victor Magtanggol to meet Alden Richards. With his big smile, Niño was overwhelmed and said that Alden was, “mabait at pogi.” He was also given a specially-made chair to help Niño write and study comfortably while in school.

    Alden Richards sends inspiring young fan to school until college
    Screengrab KMJS Facebook video.

    The young fan was also in awe when he was given by Alden his very own Victor Magtanggol’s iconic hammer. Alden also didn’t hesitate to give a young fan a gift that will change his life. The actor told Niño and his family that he will shoulder the young fan’s education up until he finishes college. Michelle and Niño were all smiles and tears. Niño’s story of positivity and determination inspired a lot of netizens. They said that if an 8-year-old boy with disability can rise up amidst hardships, we can too. In the end, both Alden and Niño showed we can be heroes in our way by helping and inspiring others.

    You can watch Niño’s story here:

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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