Netizen shares how a kind stranger returned iPhone she lost 7 months ago

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen was overwhelmed when she encountered a kind stranger who returned her iPhone she lost 7 months ago.
Netizen shares how a kind stranger returned iPhone she lost 7 months ago

Everyday, we see and hear stories of people doing various scams and modus operandi. There are those who try to find ways to take advantage of others just so they can steal money or other material things. But for netizen, Cha Buenconsejo, her faith in humanity was stored by a random act of kindness from a stranger.

Netizen shares how a kind stranger returned iPhone she lost 7 months ago
Cha Buenconsejo lost her iPhone 7 months ago | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Cha Buenconsejo

Buenconsejo shared on Facebook that she received a text message from a stranger claiming that he found her lost iPhone on an aircon bus in Fairview. Buenconsejo admitted that she was skeptical at first. She said, “Obviously it’s insane ‘cos i lost my phone 7 MONTHS AGO.”

The graduate of Ateneo de Manila University said that she took the risk of meeting a complete stranger despite warnings. She added that the stranger even bought a charger for the iPhone just so he can turned it on and find out who the owner is. She wrote, “He even apologized texting “sorry ngayon ko lng na text bumili pa kasi ako charger para ma on at malaman kanino to.”

“Of course everyone warned me about a possible modus but im brave & very very very stupid so i took the chance,” Buenconsejo shared.

Netizen shares how a kind stranger returned iPhone she lost 7 months ago
This kind man returned an iPhone he found inside a bus | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Cha Buenconsejo

They were to meet outside a pharmacy at 9:00 in the morning and the moment Buenconsejo saw the man, she knew “he was a good fella.” She said, “He handed me my phone along with the charger he bought.”

The kind stranger even gave the lady a little reminder. He told Buenconsejo, “Mahirap kumita pakiangatan niyo yung gamit niyo mukhang mahal yung phone na yan.” And to no surprise, the good hearted stranger who commuted all the way from Bulacan, refused to accept the cash reward.

Buenconsejo insisted for the man to at least keep some money for fare and told him to keep the charger or just sell it. More than finding back her lost cellphone, Buenconsejo shared that she was more thankful that kindness still exists in this world. She wrote, “The joy of getting my phone back after missing for 7 months pales in comparison to the comfort of knowing there are still good hearted people out there.”

The impressed lady posted a snapshot of her “kind samaritan” and said, “Here’s a picture of humanity being restored. I was told a man who wears crocs is a good man.”

Buenconsejo’s post has quickly gone viral. In less than 48 hours, it has been shared 40,000 times with 118,000 reactions.They all good words and well wishes for the stranger who reminded us that a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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