Donnalyn Bartolome seeks help from Viva against bashers of ‘Jacqueline Comes Home’

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Donnalyn Bartolome sought the help of Viva Artists Agency to defend her from bashers of their film “Jacqueline Comes Home (The Chiong Story).”

Donnalyn Bartolome plays the role of Jacqueline Chiong in Viva’s film Jacqueline Comes Home
Donnalyn Bartolome plays the role of Jacqueline Chiong in Viva’s film 'Jacqueline Comes Home' | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Donnalyn Bartolome

Bartolome, who plays one of the lead roles as Jacqueline Chiong could no longer handle the heat from all the netizens bashing their movie. On her Facebook, the actress wrote, “Hindi ako reklamador na artista, kasi sino ba naman ako pero Viva Artists Agency pakiklaro po sa mga taong ito kung ano ang totoo.”

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Bartolome explained that Viva made her believe that there was an “unexpected twist” to the ending but she was disappointed. Bartolome wrote, “Naririnig ko pa sa team ‘you’ll know what happened to Jacqueline’ kahit di ako sure sa kung ano man yun, kesyo buhay or patay yung tao dahil si Mrs. Chiong ang source n’yo. I trusted the team.”

“Akala ko sasabihin na dito ni Mrs. Chiong ano totoong nangyari kay Jacqueline. Nakakaiyak sa galit,” Bartolome added.

The 24-year-old actress lamented the lack of support from Viva in protecting them against bashers of the film. Bartolome said that she is tired of taking all the flak and defending herself. She stood by her earlier statement that she did do her research prior to accepting the role.

Bartolome finally accepted to put an end on her tirade. She posted a screenshot of an alleged email from a relative of one of the suspects praising her for being “brave enough to take on such a controversial role.” The actress said the email meant everything to her. The netizens, however, are still unconvinced with the authenticity of the email.

Viva's Jacqueline Comes Home film has been met with heavy criticisms and boycott from netizens stating that it is a biased version of the events based on the Chiong matriarch.

Meg Imperial, the actress who played the role of Marijoy Chiong had earlier called out netizens for attacking her saying that they are just actors playing a role. Imperial said, “They said, 'Hindi ka na nga sikat, hindi ka pa nag-iisip' That's too harsh for me. Too personal kasi I'm just doing my job.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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