Cancer-stricken patient's last visit to Jollibee breaks netizens' hearts

Jollibee is undoubtedly the best and most popular fast food chain in the Philippines. It has actually beaten McDonald’s to the number 1 spot, something that has only happened in the country! Everywhere else, McDonald’s remains number 1.
Cancer-stricken patient's last visit to Jollibee breaks netizens' hearts

With its slogan ‘Bida ang saya’ (sometimes written as ‘Bee-da ang saya), Jollibee is a truly happy place for many, kids and adults alike.

Jollibee store
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

Recently, however, the fast food chain figured in a heartbreaking post on social media, not because of something bad that happened inside the store but because of a cancer-stricken patient’s note about this being her last visit to Jollibee.

Service crew Mark Noguera later shared the story on Facebook, asking people to say a prayer for their customer.

According to Mark, another service crew was cleaning up a table vacated by a young lady in her 20s when they noticed a note written on the tissue paper. It started with, “Huling Jollibee ko na to.” While that might have looked like it was going to be a rant against the store, the smiley at the end of the line belied the negative thought. What could this customer mean?

As they continued reading, the service crew couldn’t help but feel sad for the young customer. It turned out she was recently diagnosed with cancer and was advised by her doctor to stop eating unhealthy food – and fast food items do fall under the ‘unhealthy’ category.

Cancer-stricken patient's last visit to Jollibee breaks netizens' hearts
Photo credit: Facebook / Mark Noguera

The unnamed customer who dined at Jollibee Signal Village in Taguig City last July 25 at 3PM revealed that she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer but she is hoping that she would get well soon so she wouldn’t sorely miss eating Jollibee. It was obvious that, like most Filipinos, Jollibee is this anonymous customer’s favorite fast food chain.

Mark thanked the customer and urged her to remain strong and positive so she can come back to the store and eat her favorite ChickenJoy again!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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