Pretty med school graduate’s witty and funny message amuses netizens

MANILA, Philippines – A medical school graduate’s Facebook post has gone viral after her graduation message left netizens amused and entertained.

Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica said that she didn’t expect to be popular online but with her pretty smile and witty posts, netizens want to get to know her more.

Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica Facebook viral
The pretty soon-to-be doctor is now an instant “Crush ng Bayan” | Photo Courtesy: Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica

A graduate of Manila Central University (MCU) in Caloocan City, Rubrica thanked her father, mother and ate for letting her finish a degree in medicine. She said, “Pasensya na at nagkaroon kayo ng ambisyosang anak/kapatid. Kinaganda natin 'to. ‘di ko alam pano magthathank you sa inyo bukod sa pagpost ng nagtitinaray na picture na 'to. Pero isa lang sure ko, mahal na mahal niyo ko.”

Rubrica went on to promise to help and serve her family for the rest of her life. She added, “Walang halong kyeme yan. Mukha man akong joke pero naluluha ako dito. Haha!”

The soon-to-be doctor also thanked her Tita Lina and Tita Julie and said, “Sa sobrang laki ng utang na loob ko, naging utang na labas na siya. Mahal na mahal ko kayo.”

Rubrica also thanked the rest of her clan for always being proud that they are going to having doctor in the family. She said in jest, “Pwede na tayo mangampanya para sa susunod na halalan! hahaha libre lahat check up!!”

Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica Facebook viral
Netizens called her “Doctor Crush” | Photo Courtesy: Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica

She also highlighted the support of her friends who always treat her when they eat out. She wrote,”Ayun, wala pa din ako panlibre sa inyo kaya libre niyo pa din ako hahahaha!! pero darating din ang araw, bigtime na tayo. Lilibre ko din kayo.” Rubrica also mentioned her classmates and told them, “Biruin niyo yun! may kinabukasan na tayo!”

And much to some readers’ delight, the witty aspiring physician revealed that she is still looking and now ready for her “special someone.” She said, “Hello. wala kang dulot!! asan ka na ba? cannot be reach ka bes. hahaha. #ngitingpwedengmagjowa na ako oh. pakita ka na. Char!”

Lastly, Rubrica thanked the Lord for her success. She admitted that she’s not religious but she knows within her heart that everything she has was gift from God.

To add a little icing to the cake, Rubrica also thanked all the readers of her post, “Nakacontribute ka na sa buhay ko kaya salamat!”

The post has gone viral with over 37,000 shares as of posting.

Instant online celebrity

While many netizens were amused with the wit and humor of Maria Sydney Rubrica, many also praised her pretty smile. Her Facebook post has been flooded with compliments and warm messages. They called her “beauty and brains,” “new crush,” and even “goals.”

Maria Sydney Rubrica viral Facebook post
Photo Courtesy: Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica

One netizen, Dandi Yema even went on to answer Rubrica’s call for her “special someone."Yema said, “Mahal nabasa ko na. Nais kong sabihin saiyong matagal kitang hinintay. At kung may magsabi sayo na ako'y malanding tao, kahapon lang yon. Swear. Kung ikaw ngiting pwede ma magjowa yung ngiti ko #NgitingJowainMokoPls.”

With her new found popularity online, Rubrica said that she is “shookt” with the attention.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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