Man accidentally burns brand new BMW after lighting incense sticks in thanksgiving

A BMW is an expensive car brand that many people could only dream of but could never afford. While it is now exactly in the league with super brands like the Ferrari and Lamborghini, it is still a luxury brand that many consider as a status symbol.

man accidentally burns BMW
So, when one Chinese man was able to finally buy a brand new BMW, he wanted to celebrate the occasion and also offer thanksgiving that he was able to purchase a luxury car.

The unnamed guy thanked the heavens for his car and prayed that it would always be a safe one to ride. In this joyous occasion, the Chinese guy lit joss (incense) sticks in front of the brand new BMW he bought for almost half a million yuan (nearly US$80,000).

Man accidentally burns brand new BMW
Photo credit: SCMP

The amount was actually about twice as much as the cost of the car in the US, mostly because he had to pay extra for tariffs and taxes imposed by the Chinese government on imported luxury goods.

He’s had the car for just a few hours and was intent on completing the ritual.

The unnamed guy from Yangzhou, Jiangsu province in eastern China, was photographed outside his home. He and an elderly woman laid a red cloth on top of the BMW’s hood before putting dishes containing various items believed to be a ‘sacrifice’ or offering to the gods.

There were also some fruits and various other ‘offerings’ in front of the car while two incense sticks towered over the humans.

What could go wrong in such a setup?

Well, the man thought he had placed the incense sticks far enough from the car. After lighting the joss sticks, he went inside the house, presumably to pray but was shocked to hear his neighbour shouting 20 minutes later that the car was on fire!

Man accidentally burns brand new BMW
Photo credit: SCMP

“(I) just lit some joss sticks. It was very far (from the car). Twenty minutes later a neighbour told me my car was on fire,” the man told the police.

Sadly, the car appears to be totally beyond repair. Goodbye, BMW! Goodbye $80,000!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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