‘Kasambahay’ proudly graduates as magna cum laude

MANILA, Philippines – A ‘kasambahay’ who graduated as magna cum laude shared his heartwarming journey in achieving his dream in life - to graduate college and help his family.
‘Kasambahay’ proudly graduates as magna cum laude

‘Kasambahay’ proudly graduates as magna cum laude
Jarel Barcelona Tadio is a proud kasambahay and a proud magna cum laude | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jarel Barcelona Tadio

Indeed, not everyone is as lucky as others in life. While some were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, there are also those who have to work hard for everything they have.

For Jarel Barcelona Tadio, may not have much in life but if there's one thing he held close to his heart, it was his “dream.”

In a heartwarming post on Facebook, he wrote about his dream of helping his family. He shared how his classmate asked him what he wanted to become in the future and he answered, “Sa mahina at nahihiyang boses, ang sagot ko: “Wala. Wala akong gustong maging in the future. Basta mai-ayos ko lang buhay nila mama, ok na ako.”

Tadio shared that he was born to a family of farmers. With no land of their own, Tadio said that they would “maki-palay” every summer. There he would witnessed how his parents’ work sweat and blood under the sun to earn money. He said, “Laking putik ako. Laking dumi kami. Nakikisaka lang kami. Laking bukid ako kaya alam ko ang halaga ng bawat butil ng pawis na tutulo sa mga magulang ko. Kaya alam ko ang bawat sakripisyo nila.”

The young dreamer admitted that he already set up his expectations that he won’t be able to get a college degree. And if he would, he knew his family would be slumped in debt.

‘Kasambahay’ proudly graduates as magna cum laude
Jarel Tadio only had one dream - to help his family | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jarel Barcelona Tadio

And like any fighter, Tadio made a decision to help himself and became a “yaya, kasambahay, maid.” It was there he realized that he could become a working student. He wrote, “Sabi ko nun, hindi man ako masuportahan ng aking mga magulang sa pag aaral, gagawa ako ng paraan para mapag aral ko ang sarili ko. Hindi ako papayag na hindi ako makakapag aral. Hindi ako papayag na ganun ganun nalang. Hindi ko isusuko ang pangarap ko.”

The grateful son also offered his accomplishment to his parents, “Ma, Pa, tagumpay nyo po ito, God just made me His instrument for you to know how successful you are."

He would go to school in the morning and work in the afternoon until evening. Tadio battled exhaustion, stress, discrimination and financial problems. But through it all, Tadio became a consistent Dean’s Lister.

The farmer's son who dreamed of finishing college, finally graduated with flying colors. Tadio graduated as magna cum laude at Cagayan State University. In front of a crowd, he inspired everyone to fight for their dreams in life. The inspiring graduate said, “From the time I started dreaming, my biggest realization is, that I shall never give up on my dreams; I shall never surrender, and never let obstacles weaken and hinder my progress.”

‘Kasambahay’ proudly graduates as magna cum laude
The farmer’s son is now a proud college graduate | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jarel Barcelona Tadio

“Let us not be afraid in facing challenges. Let’s pursue our dreams. Mapapagod pero hindi susuko. Masusugatan pero hindi aayaw. Mabibigo pero hindi bibitaw,” Tadio added.

The post has gone viral with over 16,300 shares within 24 hours. Tadio later on posted to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and appreciation for his story. He said, “I posted my hardest battle story not to impress but to inspire others who have the same situation like mine, to motivate them and to make them even more determined person.”

Let me start by saying: “A dream is a vision of a possibility which requires a driven mind and a resilient heart to turn...
Posted by Jarel Barcelona Tadio on Saturday, June 9, 2018

— Sally, The Summit Express

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