Pacquiao Gives Money, Offers House and Lot to Old Ice Cream Vendor Who had a Stroke

MANILA, Philippines – It was a hot summer day in General Santos City when Manny Pacquiao and his team were waiting for their vehicle. One of his companions, Jen Manilay, bought ice cream bar from an old vendor she recognized as the same vendor who sells at the building she is working at.

Pacquiao Gives Money, Offers House and Lot to Old Ice Cream Vendor Who had a Stroke
Photo credit: Facebook / Jen Manilay

Manilay bought 10 ice cream bars, giving one to Pacquiao but as soon as the Pinoy boxing champ realized that the vendor was old, he immediately told her to call the old man.

The vendor was rather surprised when Manilay called him and introduced him to the boxing champ who immediately gave him Php3,000. It was a gift; he didn’t ask for anything in return.

But while chatting with the old man, Pacquiao learned that he still has three kids who are supposed to be in school but have not been enrolled yet because their money went to medical bills as he recently had a stroke.

Can you just imagine how difficult it can be for someone who suffered from a stroke to go back in the streets to sell goods under the heat of the sun?

So, Pacquiao added Php30,000 to his initial gift to the old vendor. After all, the guy was admirable because he didn’t let his previous condition stop him from working to earn money for his family.

But Pacquiao had once been a very poor man. He knew how it feels if you have nothing, no money in your pocket. He also knows that there was a big chance the old vendor didn’t have a house; thus, he asked where he was living.

When the old vendor told Pacquiao that he and his family are just renting, the boxing champ did not even hesitate or consult his team. Right then and there, he told the old man that he’s giving him a house and lot the following week!

The bewildered old man was so shocked at the good fortune that he was obviously emotional. With tears in his eyes, he kept thanking Pacquiao for the blessings he received.

Truly, it was his very lucky day! Kudos to Pacquiao for being kind and generous to this old ice cream vendor who truly needed his help…

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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