The mysterious story behind the world’s youngest mother

The story behind the world's youngest mother continues to baffle the world.

Lina Medina was the world's youngest mother
Lina Medina was the world's youngest mother | Photo Courtesy: Rare Historical Photos

Lina Medina, a young girl from remote village of Ticrapo in Peru made medical history when she became pregnant at age 5.

Medina’s parents were concerned of their young daughter's growing belly. They thought it was a tumor and took her to the hospital.

But one look from the doctors had them suspecting of the unthinkable. The five-year-old girl was confirmed pregnant. At that time, Medina was already quite far along in her pregnancy at 7 months. After five weeks, she young girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Precocious Puberty

Doctors were puzzled as they tried to find answers to a medical mystery. They soon found out that the five-year-old mother was suffering from a rare medical condition called Precocious Puberty.

The rare condition that affects 1 in every 10,000 children, causes a child to reach s*xual maturity at a young age. In Medina’s case, at 5 years old, she already has wide hips, budding breasts and post-pubescent bone growth. The young mother was even suspected of starting her menstruation as early as 3 years old.

Lina Medina was the world's youngest mother
There was so much curiosity about the Medina's story | Photo Courtesy: Rare Historical Photos

Who's the father?

Media was in frenzy as curiosity rose about the world’s youngest mother. Even with the medical condition explained, the public was quick to point fingers to the possible father of Medina's baby.

The first suspect was Medina’s own father, Tiburelo Medina. The silversmith was arrested for child rape but later released due to lack of evidence. He vehemently denied raping his own daughter.

Despite the huge amounts of money offered by media companies to interview Medina and her family, they refused and asked for peace.

An article published in October 1955 by Luis Leon tried to explain that some remote areas in Peru still perform pre-Christian rituals that includes rape and group s*x.

There were even theories that everything was a hoax.

Up until now, the story behind the real identity of who impregnated the world's youngest mother remains a mystery. Lina Medina too has shunned away from the public, never to be heard about again.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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