Mother of minor accused by Ellen Adarna as “paparazzi” speaks up

MANILA, Philippines - The mother of the young lady embroiled in the “paparazzi issue” of  Ellen Adarna revealed that they are now seeking legal action against the actress.

Mrs. Myra Abo Santos took to Facebook to defend her 17-year-old daughter, Eleila Santos after she was accused by Adarna as a “paparazzi”. The mother shared that her daughter and an aunt tried to reach out to Adarna to explain that Eleila is a minor and she didn’t take unauthorized photos of the actress. But instead of replying privately, Adarna took to her Instagram Stories to continue her allegations.

Ellen Adarna insists Eleila Santos took unauthorized photos and videos of her
Ellen Adarna insists Eleila Santos took unauthorized photos and videos of her | Photo Courtesy: Instagram Stories/Ellen Adarna

Mrs. Santos called out Adarna for her IG reply, “Instead, you posted a one sided narrative and insisted on erroneous and unfounded accusations again on Instagram. You have claimed my daughter is guilty, rude, and has been repeatedly insinuating my daughter is lying.”

She added that their family realized that the actress didn’t want explanation but, “ You only want to defame our daughter publicly.”

The mother added that their family was under “unneeded stress and unwanted attention” due to the issue. They have already sought the legal assistance of their lawyer for their next steps. The Santos family is asking for a public apology and a reply within 5 days before they resort to necessary legal actions.

“When you PAP us, we PAP you too”

Last May 4, Ellen Adarna trended on Twitter after Eleila Santos posted on her Twitter account an excerpt of the actress’ Instagram Stories.

The video taken by Adarna shows Santos and a male friend dining at a Ramen house with the caption, “Oo yan ha, you know the feeling, uncomfy noh? When you PAP us, we PAP you too. Nasa resto eh, it’s a tie.”

Santos, a 17-year-old student from Miriam College defended herself on Twitter saying she was only taking a video of her food and her friend. She continued that she was surprised to see herself on Adarna’s Instagram and she that, “Lastly, I don't know who Ellen Adarna is and whatever running issue is going on with her life.”

Ellen’s second video

After netizens started weighing in on the issue, Adarna posted a reply on her Instagram. Staying firm with her stand, she said, “Girl, you can deny all you want, but before your food arrived, you knew what you guys were doing. So whatever, feeling na kung feeling but hindi kami tanga.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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