Forbes includes Duterte in list of Most Powerful People of 2018

MANILA, Philippines - Forbes Magazine included President Rodrigo Duterte in their annual list of Most Powerful People in the world.

Forbes includes Duterte in list of Most Powerful People of 2018
Duterte ranked 69th on the list of Forbes Most Powerful People |Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Presidential Communications

Forbes ranked Duterte as 69th on the list. According to their brief profile of the President, his election campaign in 2016 “promised execution of drug dealers and other criminals.”

They also stated that the leader’s campaign against drugs, “resulted in the killing of thousands of people across the archipelago country.”

Forbes also mentioned Duterte's colorful language saying, “Duterte's raw and vulgar vocabulary keeps him in the headlines: he called Obama "son of a whore" and has used homophobic slurs to describe opponents.”

Some facts about Duterte included his infamous stabbing stories, when he stabbed someone while he was a minor and 3 more when he was a mayor. They also noted that his daughter is a city mayor.

This isn't the first time Duterte made it on the list. Last year, he was ranked 70th on the Most Powerful People.

Top Spot

Holding the top spot on the list are Duterte's current favored allies.

Holding the top spot for the first time is Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping. He was described as, “The leader of the world's most populated country and second largest economy (GDP), Xi Jinping holds a firm grasp on China's only political party.”

Second on the list is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The leader previously held the spot for four times before being unseated by Xi.

Third on the list is US President Donald Trump. He was noted as, “the first billionaire president in U.S. history in January 2017.”

“Most Powerful”

According to Forbes, the list identifies the “one person out of every 100 million whose actions mean the most.”

Forbes contributor David Ewalt explained that they considered candidates from all walks of life all over the world. They used four dimensions to measure their power:
  • Power of lots of people
  • Financial resources controlled by each person
  • Powerful in multiple spheres
  • Actively used their power

— Sally, The Summit Express

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