Duterte promises teachers’ salary increase but “not doubled for now”

MANILA, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte gave an assurance to public school teachers that their salary increase is next on his agenda.

Duterte promises teachers’ salary increase but “not doubled for now”
The President promises to increase teachers’ salary | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Presidential Communications

Speaking in front of public school teachers and principals in Davao City today, the President promised that after the salary increase of policemen and soldiers, teachers are next. However, Duterte also asked the teachers to set their expectations because it's impossible to double it.

The President said, “I will raise your salary next but it would not be doubled. We can’t afford. I’m not blaming anybody, but simply there are too many Filipinos. We lack resources.”

After loud cheers from the audience, Duterte jokingly said that someday the teachers’ salary will be seven times higher than the soldiers. He said,”Remember, your pay will improve, honest, wait for it, but it will be incremental. It cannot be done at once, you are too many. You will have five times more or seven times more than soldiers.”

“Teachers are next”

It was early in January this year when Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque confirmed the President's intentions of increasing teachers’ pay.

Roque revealed that Duterte already instructed the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and all other agencies to find ways to increase the salary of teachers. Roque quoted the President's promise saying, “Teachers will be next.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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