Daughter of tricycle driver, ambulant vendor lands Top 3 in 2018 CPA board exam

MANILA, Philippines – When the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the names of the passers of the May 2018 Accountancy board examinations or the certified public accountant (CPA) board exams, many were amazed that most of the topnotchers came from Cebu City and other provincial schools.

But just like many other board exams in the past, there are also a number of inspiring people who top the licensure exams against all odds.

When Eddielyn Abasola Morfe scanned the list of the May 2018 CPA board exam passers, she was one of the many who only aimed to see their names on the list of passers but aside from her name being on that particular list, she was also overwhelmed to find that she made it to the Top 10!

Daughter of Tricycle Driver and Ambulant Vendor, Lands Top 3 of May 2018 CPA Board Exam

With a rating of 91.00%, Eddielyn ranked third among all the passers. It was a feat that she did not expect but certainly brought much honor not just to her parents but also to her alma mater, Isabela State University - Echague in Echague, Isabela.

Eddielyn’s success was greatly highlighted by the fact that she came from a poor family. Her father is a tricycle vendor while her mother is an ambulant vendor.

It is a sad reality in Philippine society that poor families like Eddielyn’s often do not have the means to send their children to college. Most children only make it to high school level or are made to stop after completing high school so they can find a job to help with the family’s needs.

Thankfully, Eddielyn was able to go to school. With this new success, she said that she is proud to announce to the world and show everyone that although her father and mother could hardly earn money to support the family’s needs and Eddielyn’s education as well as those of her two siblings, the couple did not give up.

“I would forever be thankful to my parents for toiling hard in sending me and my siblings to school,” Eddielyn said.

Now that she’s a certified public accountant, she is set to work as accountant at an auditing firm in Metro Manila.

Congratulations, Eddielyn! You are a wonderful inspiration to many young minds…

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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