Age Doesn’t Matter: 30-Year-Old Man Earns College Degree, Graduates Magna Cum Laude


MANILA, Philippines – He might have been much older than his classmates when he started studying at STI College Global City but Rey Stephen Ortiz did not mind being everyone’s ‘kuya’ in school. Four years later, he graduated from the course of Bachelor of Arts in Communication with flying colors, completing the degree as magna cum laude!

Ortiz had not been your regular ‘tambay’ all these past years. In fact, he had been working in the BPO industry for nearly 7 years when he finally decided to get back to school and complete his education.

30-Year-Old Man Earns College Degree, Graduates Magna Cum Laude
Photo credit: Stephen Rey Ortiz / Facebook

Aged 26 at the time, he was certainly older than the other college freshmen but he said he did not feel discrimination from the other students. Perhaps they simply respected his age and being their ‘kuya’.

“After working in BPO industry for almost 7 years, I decided to go back to school to finish my education. I am 26 that time,” Ortiz mused.

But though he completed AB Communication, Ortiz later revealed that this was not actually his first choice.

“Since I’m working in BPO industry, my first choice is to take up Business Management. But after seeing its curriculum, I asked the admission if they can offer me a course that ‘had a few numbers’ then they recommended AB Communication,” he admitted.

His experiences in life helped him have the strength to strive harder in school to achieve his dreams.

“I came from a broken family but it didn’t stop me from achieving my dreams that someday I can finish my education,” Ortiz explained.

“Always trust the process. You need to believe in yourself. When in doubt, pray.”

And his hard work certainly paid off. He graduated last May 25. Yes, he was already 30 years old at the time but he still managed to complete his education nonetheless – and he achieved that by graduating magna cum laude from his course.

He later posted a photo on Facebook.

30-Year-Old Man Earns College Degree, Graduates Magna Cum Laude
Photo credit: Stephen Rey Ortiz / Facebook

“I graduate today at age 30.

I want to show everyone that age is not a hindrance to learn and to finish your education. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t.

To all who have walked along with me – my family, my friends who have stuck with me through the bad and good times – know that you all deserve to march the stage with me. Thank you!”

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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