'Piso hack' Netizen shares how to get free food by exchanging coins to bills

A netizen revealed that she gets free food from fast food chains by exchanging her coins to bills.

“Piso hack” Netizen shares how to get free food by exchanging coins to bills
Piso turns into free food | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/BuzzPinas

A “piso hack” has been going viral after netizens realized that they too can get free food by bringing their “piso ipon” to fastfood chains. A post shared by BuzzPinas from Yoko Oshima of Peso Sense Savers group on Facebook stated that instead of going to the bank to exchange her coins to bills, you can go to Jollibee, Mcdo and Chowking.

She revealed, “Sa mga nag-iipon diyan ng marami coins pwede niyo ‘yan papalitan ng buo. Pera na may free food like Mcdo and Jollibee minsan Chowking pero ang mas marami magbigay ang McDo.”

Oshima even added, “Depende din kasi sa manager wag na s bank kasi wala free food.”

In the time when “piso-challenge” is such a hit, the post has gone viral after netizens were excited to give the tip a try.

Only sign of courtesy

After the post has gone viral, several netizens have shared that they too have done it with the said fast food chains. Some shared they received a regular french fries in exchange for coins worth P1,000 while some got a chicken meal for P5,000 worth of coins.

However, some employees from the fast food chains mostly managers, clarified that there is no policy for the said free food. A netizen named Al Lot revealed he used to be a manager to one of the fast food chains and that they give the food as “freebies,” or a sign of courtesy. Most stores are always in need of coins and they always appreciate those who wish to have theirs exchanged into bills. Some netizens suggested to ask clarification from the branch’s manager first before expecting anything in return.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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