Teacher ignored by students, makes them take engineering exam in Spanish

MANILA, Philippines - An engineering teacher decided to teach his students a life lesson in manners by making them take an exam in Spanish.

The teacher explained that this was not a “punishment” but a lesson
The teacher explained that this was not a “punishment” but a lesson | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jayson Bayogo

The Facebook post of Jayson Garces Bayogo, a teacher at Cebu Technological University (CTU) had gone viral after it earned mixed reactions from netizens.

Bayogo explains that while he was busy lecturing in class, he noticed some of his students “murmuring.” The teacher soon realized that they were not paying any attention to his lesson but was studying for their Spanish exam. Feeling irritated, Bayogo decided to end the discussion and dismissed the class early.

To give his students a taste of their medicine, Bayogo decided to give them an engineering quiz all written in Spanish. He said, “Since priority pala ang Spanish na kailangan talaga ma-‘encroach’ ang oras ko, I decided to give them a quiz today… In Spanish!”

A surprise exam in Spanish
A surprise exam in Spanish | Photo Courtesy: Jayson Bayogo

The post had garnered mixed reactions from netizens, some called it a bit harsh while others believed that the class deserved it.

The engineering teacher edited his post to clarify his intent. He said that lesson in manners and respect was what he really wanted to teach.

He said, “Hindi ko inexpect (I didn’t expect) that this will go viral. To those who understood and somehow got amused, thank you. To those otherwise, your criticisms are welcome. Let me clarify that unreasonable “punishment” is not my intention.”

Sir Jayson defended himself, “My students know me as someone na hindi marunong magalit (who doesn’t know how to get angry). I would rather choose to cut the discussion short and dismiss the class than to spend the rest of the time scolding them and exposing my vulnerable angry self to them. Scolding is not part of my personal teaching philosophy.”

He then ended by reiterating that teaching is better than scolding, “I believe that devising a way of teaching my students the valuable lesson of respecting their instructor’s time is better that scolding them. And I happen to use this. Again, thank you for understanding.”

Bayogo later confirmed that the class had already apologized for their actions and that they are now in good terms. One student of the said class even commented their apologies and said, “It was not your fault din naman sir at may kasalanan din naman kami. ‘Di na po uulitin and thank you for the lesson.”

The post has been earned 7,600 reactions to date.

Teachers make learning fun

It takes more than intelligence to be a teacher, more often it also required guts. Just like Sir Jayson, one teacher also became viral last month for her unique way of teaching life skills.

Teacher Karen Grace Atienza became viral for proving that learning can be fun. Her funny and cool antics were captured on video and uploaded by her student Karl Cantela. The video was shared 4,700 times since posting.

Filipino teachers make a difference

Another Filipino teacher is also making a name globally for being chosen as part of top 10 of the prestigious Global Teachers Prize 2018. Dr. Jesus Insilada was picked to represent to country to compete for the title of the best teacher in the world. His culture-based approach in teaching made a huge impact to his students and community.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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