Mark Bautista allegedly reveals he got 'intimate' with fellow actor

MANILA, Philippines - In a surprising revelation, Mark Bautista allegedly admits that he got “intimate with a guy friend” who also happens to be an actor.

In his book Beyond the Mark, due to be released this February 14, the singer got candid about a part of his life that he had long kept hidden from the public. Mark admits to having an unexpected “friendshift” with a male friend. The 34-year-old performer allegedly leaves a no hold barred confession on the details of an “affair” he had with an actor who at that time had a girlfriend.

Mark allegedly confessed to having an “affair” with a male friend
Mark allegedly confessed to having an “affair” with a male friend | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Mark Bautista

According to some screengrabs of the book’s pages, Mark tells the story of how he and his “male friend” had fallen into a “bromance.” He shared that the two stars had been trying to avoid the temptation of seeing each other but still got “intimate” twice. After the incident, Mark promised to completely avoid the actor. It worked for several years, until one drunken night at a bar.

Mark shared that he was at a club when his “male friend” and his girlfriend joined the party. The singer-performer tried his best to evade his friend but to no avail. Once his girlfriend left, Mark described, “We then got so drunk that I ended up going home with him. I spent the night in his house and we became intimate.”

Mark’s book, Beyond the Mark is set to be released this February 14
Mark’s book, Beyond the Mark is set to be released this February 14 | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Mark Bautista

Mark admits that the girlfriend found out their affair the following day and was so angry, “This started a huge drama between the three of us. It became a spectacle.”

The incident spread like wildfire but Mark said, “I kept my silence and allowed myself to be hurt by all the rumors.” He added that despite all the rumors, he never said a word about his male friend and against his girlfriend.

Is Mark “coming out”?
Is Mark “coming out”? Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Mark Bautista

Coming out?

Rumors of Mark “coming out” this year had been circulating since December 2017. The singer spent a time in London to star in the musical Here Lies Love as former President Ferdinand Marcos. Friends close to the actor believed that “Something profound happened to Mark during his prolonged stay abroad.” They added that Mark’s book, “Will leave nothing to the imagination and it is bound to cause a lot of people sleepless nights.”

Mark will also guest on Joanna Ampil’s 25th anniversary concert on February 14. The concert is coincidentally titled, Love Wins.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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  1. I think di naman kailangan aminin kung gay ang isang tao. Minsan mas masaya pa nga na lihim lang parang may mystery. Eh kung gay edi gay diba, pero ung ilantad mo sa publiko, lalo na ngaun maraming mapamata sa mga isyung ganito.

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