Emirati man thanks all the hardworking OFWs in viral video: “Filipinos changed my country!”

An Emirati man couldn’t help but show his deepest gratitude to all the hardworking Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in his country.

In a touching video, Khalid Al Ameri paid tribute to all the Filipinos and captioned his Facebook post, “There are approximately 700,000 Filipinos who live in the United Arab Emirates, here is how they have changed my country. Enjoy the video!”

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Khalid had been making videos all over UAE and couldn’t help but give a “shout out” to the Filipino community. Photo Credit: Facebook/ Khalid Al Ameri

Ameri didn’t hold back his praises when he explained that, “Filipinos who are contributing to all aspects of society in the UAE and I wanna thank them for one thing in particular.”

He went on to explain that the popular Filipino tagline ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines,’ perfectly captures the hearts of all the Filipinos he had met.

The social media influencer also admitted that he is in awe of how Filipinos find joy and happiness in everything they do. He said that the biggest contribution of Filipinos to his country are, “their kindness, their joy, their ability to smile no matter what and through that they make this country a better place.”

He ended his heartwarming video by thanking all the kababayans, “From my family, and in behalf of my country, I say ‘Maraming salamat po’.”

A total of 679,819 Filipinos live in the UAE since 2013 and had been growing consistently year after year. Dubai is home to the largest population of Filipinos in the UAE where they contribute 21.3% to the entire population of Dubai.

In a more recent report by the Philippine Statistics Authority, Middle East countries remain to be the leading destination of OFWs. About one in every four (23.8%) OFWs worked in Saudi Arabia during the period April to September 2016. The top preferred destination was United Arab Emirates (15.9%).

The OFWs in the Middle East are also paid handsomely. Engineers that are in-demand in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific can earn a monthly salary of Php 57,000 and Php 59,000, respectively.

Healthcare professionals are most compensated in the Middle East. Doctors who specialize in pediatric care can earn as much as Php 86,000 a month; nurses can earn Php 65,000, while veterinarians can earn Php 58,000.

You can watch the viral clip here:

As of press time, the video already amassed 1.3 million views and more than 50,000 shares online.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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