LOOK: Miss Universe 2017 top picks, fearless forecast by experts and enthusiasts

MANILA — The Miss Universe 2017 Coronation Night is almost here and everyone is all rallying for their own bets. Miss Philippines Rachel Peters may have been a crowd favorite during the preliminaries and campaigned by celebrities such as Maine Mendoza and Vice Ganda. But what do the experts, enthusiasts and the rest of the world have to say?

Miss Philippines Rachel Peters tries to bring home the crown
Miss Philippines Rachel Peters tries to bring home the crown. Photo Credit: Instagram/Rachel Peters

Here are some of the fearless forecast and predictions:

Official Miss Universe Website

Based on judges’ scores and online voting, they released their early announcement of Top 10 (Miss Universe Scorecard):

1. Thailand
2. South Africa
3. Colombia
4. Indonesia
5. Philippines
6. USA
7. Venezuela
8. Canada
9. France
10. Brazil

Official Miss Universe Online Voting

The online voting plays a big role as it secures our favorites a spot in the semifinals. As of posting, only two contestants are neck to neck in all six categories.

1. Philippines
2. Thailand


The leading community forum is comprised of pageant enthusiasts from all over the world. This is their third list of hot picks:

1. Venezuela
2. South Africa
3. Thailand
4. Iceland
5. Indonesia
6. Philippines

Miss Universe Predictions Facebook

With more than half a million followers, this Facebook page hears the voice of the netizens as it conducts popularity polls.

1. Philippines
2. Thailand
3. Cambodia
4. Vietnam
5. Laos

Miss Universe 2017 People's Choice
Miss Universe 2017 People's Choice according to Miss Universe Predictions Facebook page.

Get to know Rachel Peters' biggest competitors

1. Thailand (Maria Poonlertlarp)

A lot of experts are saying that this might actually be Thailand’s time to shine. Maria was described as “by far, the best Thai delegate we have seen in recent memory!” She stands 6-feet and is fluent in English. She’s always seen looking kept and well-dressed.

Miss Thailand Miss Universe 2017
Miss Thailand. Photo Credit: Instagram/Maria Poonlertlarp

2. South Africa (Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters)

Aside from having beauty, body and brains, Demi-Leigh also has an interesting backstory. She was once a hijack victim and was held at gunpoint. Enthusiasts are saying that after 40 years, South Africa might actually have a chance at winning the crown.

Miss South Africa Miss Universe 2017
Miss South Africa. Photo Credit: Instagram/Miss Universe South Africa

3. Indonesia (Bunga Jelitha)

Indonesia really takes this pageant seriously. They have their own organization that helps their representatives prepare in three of the major international beauty pageants in the world. Bunga who is an accomplished model and a stags performer, looks prepared and ready to win the crown.

Miss Indonesia Miss Universe 2017
Miss Indonesia. Photo Credit: Instagram/Bunga Jelitha

4. Venezuela (Keysi Sayago)

Keysi represents the struggles of her fellow Venezuelans. She tells her “Cinderella” story of struggling financially, rising up and even helping others. She’s been described as having a “lovable and vivacious personality,” a candidate to watch out for.

Miss Venezuela Miss Universe 2017
Miss Venezuela. Photo Credit: Instagram/Keysi Sayago

The Miss Universe 2017 Coronation Night will be on Monday, November 27 (Manila Time). We can catch the preliminaries telecast on Saturday, November 26 (Manila Time).

— Sally, The Summit Express

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