VIDEO: Team Vhong touches the hearts of madlang people in Magpasikat 2017 performance

MANILA, Philippines - (UPDATED) The team of Vhong Navarro touched the hearts of madlang people and the hurados in the continuation of the highly anticipated “Magpasikat 2017,” the week-long talent competition of “It’s Showtime” hosts, on Thursday, October 19.

Team Vhong touches the hearts of madlang people in Magpasikat 2017

The team which also includes Hashtags members Nikko Natividad, Tom Doromal Bugoy Carino and Kid Yambaro, and Girltrends Erin Ocampo and Joana Hipolito performed a powerful dance routine and mirror illusion act built around the themes of isolation and loneliness.

UPDATE: Team Vhong's touching mirror dance act wins Magpasikat 2017

Vhong offered a visual treat for viewers as he performed synchronized dance moves with Hashtags and GirlTrends dressed up to look like him with the help of prosthetics, mimicking a mirror’s reflection.

The performance, which Vhong said was a tribute to people who feel alone, brought the hurados and even the hosts to tears.

Team Blue’s performance followed the story of a man named Michael, played by Vhong, who did not know how to continue with life after his family died in a car crash. But the emotional moment happened when Vhong showed the madlang people and his “It’s Showtime” family on a TV screen, referring to them as his strength in facing life’s biggest struggles.

“You outdid yourself today, Vhong. You are a creative genius. I am impressed beyond words,” said renowned director Rory B. Quintos.

“Very timely ang message! ‘Yung mga kabataan talaga ngayon ay nabibiktama ng depression. Sobra akong tinamaan sa performance niyo. Yung timing niyo, sabay-sabay talaga. World-class,” emotional Ina Raymundo commented.

Even the netizens were touched by the message of the performance and shared their praises on Twitter:

"Basta "Vhong Navarro" it's always something 'extra-amazing', 'may wow effect', something beautiful, napakataba ng utak. Good Job Kuya Vhong. Simple yet very Beautiful. The message of the production tho. ❤," a certain @xxmavs shared on Twitter.
"#MagpasikatKuysVhong What @VhongX44  is doin rn on Magpasikat is a msg to those who have/had depression. Theres hope there will always be," netizen @iamelyueney said.

Watch their performance on It's Showtime Magpasikat 2017 (video courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment):

Magpasikat 2017 has kicked off on Monday with a magical performance by Billy Crawford, James Reid, and Amy Perez.

On Tuesday, the team of Vice Ganda, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz left viewers awestruck and broke the internet when Teddy proposed to and married his wife Jasmine on national television.

Meanwhile, Team Anne Curtis, Ryan Bang, and Nadine Lustre spread good vibes while inviting madlang people to join their “love parade” in a highly synchronized and colorful performance captured live in one continuous shot on Wednesday.

Also set to perform is Team Jhong Hilario and Karylle this Friday.

Last year, the team of Anne, Amy, and Joey was hailed as the champion.

The set of hurados also include the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, Marc Logan and Janno Gibbs.

Which team will impress the madlang people the most this year? Watch the announcement of winners on Saturday, October 21.

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