Isabel Granada in coma after collapsing in Qatar

MANILA, Philippines - 90’s singer-actress Isabel Granada is now in a critical condition after she collapsed on Wednesday, October 25.

Isabel Granada in coma after collapsing in Qatar

Isabel is in Doha, Qatar with her husband, Arnel Principe-Cowley as she was invited as a celebrity speaker for Philippine Trade Tourism Conference.

Isabel’s dear friend, Bianca Lapus has been consistently asking for prayers and giving updates on her Facebook page.

Earlier, she posted, “I would like to ask for healing prayers for my dear friend, sis Isabel Granada.”

"She was rushed at the Heart Hospital Hamad Medical Corp. Now at HGH (Hamad General Hospital) in Qatar.”

"I have not communicated with her family yet. I’m waiting for updates. But the initial info I got is from our dear Robby Tarroza, according to his post, Isa is in critical condition. Massive internal bleeding in the head. Aneurysm”

“She suddenly collapsed lang daw.”

But a few hours, she posted an update, “UPDATE: ISA IS IN A COMA NOW. She was rushed at Heart Hospital and status was post cardiac arrest.

"But according to the nurse I chatted with in Qatar, she was transferred to Hamad Hospital and its confirmed she has internal bleeding and aneurysm.

"She will undergo a major operation anytime now.

"But according to the respiratory therapist she had 6 times cardiac arrest.”

Our prayers are with Isabel.

The Summit Express will be posting more updates on Isabel’s condition.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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