Did Nadine Lustre’s brother commit suicide?

MANILA, Philippines - The social media went abuzz after rumors started circulating that the brother of TV personality, Nadine Lustre allegedly committed suicide by a gunshot wound to his head. Their father, Ulysses, is allegedly convinced that it was due to depression.

Nadine Lustre
Photo Credit: Instagra/Nadine Lustre
Nadine and her partner, James Reid had both posted cryptic posts about depression on their Instagram stories. No official statement have been issued by Nadine’s camp to confirm if the story is true or fabricated. According to some sources, Nadine’s management has tried to hush down the alleged story due to its sensitivity.

Various news reports detailed about a 16-year-old teenage boy had killed himself in Barangay Talipapa, Quezon City on Sunday, October 8. The articles said that Isaiah Paguia Lustre had locked himself in his room and shot himself to death with a gun.

According to the report of PO3 Elario Wanawan ng QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection, at around 7:45 in the evening, siblings Ezexiel and Naomie were busy playing with their gadget when they heard a gunshot sound from Isaiah’s room.

They hurriedly ran towards the room and found their brother covered in blood. They asked for assistance from their neighbors and they took Isaiah’s body to the Pacific Global Medical Center. Isaiah was declared dead on arrival at the hospital as confirmed by Dr. Ma. Therese Odilla S. Barasi at 9:15 p.m.

The siblings told the investigators that they haven’t heard their brother complain about a problem he’s having. However, the family admitted that they have noticed the change in Isaiah’s attitude and demeanor. He became more moody, depressed, refused to talk to them and would just lock himself in his room.

Their father, Ulysses Lustre, already declined further investigation into the incident since he is convinced that it was suicide and Isaiah decided to take his own life due to depression.

The investigators of the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) recovered 2 live ammunitions of a caliber 380 which was reportedly used Isaiah.

Nadine and James share cryptic posts

Subsequent to the spread of the alleged tragic news, Nadine and James both posted a cryptic posts about depression on their Instagram stories. The first one was a semicolon with the words: keep going. The semicolon has been known to represent awareness on suicide, depression and self-harm. James also posted the exact same image in his Instagram stories.

Nadine Lustre Instagram post depression
Screen grab by Fashion Pulis
The second post was a scribbled note of “You are stronger than depression.”

Nadine Lustre Instagram post depression
Screen grab by Fashion Pulis
The last one was an excerpt from the song Everglow by the Coldplay:

but the changing of winds,
and the way waters flow
life as short as the falling of snow
and now I’m gonna miss you I know

Nadine Lustre Instagram post depression
Screen grab by Fashion Pulis
The posts have already expired on Instagram stories but Fashion Pulis was able to grab a screenshot.

Netizens and celebrities show outpouring of support

When the gossip site Fashion Pulis posted an article about the tragic incident, it drew mixed reactions from netizens. Although some remain unconvinced, a lot also insisted that it’s true since Nadine and James would never play with such sensitive issue. Others simply requested for privacy for the Lustre family.

Celebrities have also reached out their outpouring support to Nadine and her family using the hashtag #KeepGoing. They want to continue creating noise for depression and suicide.

As of press time, the Lustre family had not issued their official statement. Both James and Nadine haven’t updated their social media accounts.

-- Sally, The Summit Express

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