VIRAL: Old man cleans tables at KFC to take home leftover food for family

MANILA, Philippines - Netizens were moved after photos of an old man busing tables at a branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) recently went viral after netizen Francis Adrian Agrabio shared them on Facebook. According to Agrabio, the man did such task even if he wasn’t employed by the fast food restaurant so that he can take home excess restaurant food to his family.

Old man cleans tables at KFC to take home leftover food for family
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Francis Adrian Agrabio
In his Facebook post that quickly went viral, Agrabio revealed that he and his family were dining at KFC Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City on Saturday, July 30, when he noticed an old man cleaning tables. Since the old man wasn’t wearing crew uniform, Agrabio knew he wasn’t employed by KFC.

Apparently, Agrabio wasn’t the only one who took notice of what the old man was doing. Another customer was puzzled as to why the old man was cleaning the tables.

The customer then asked: “Anong ginagawa mo dito, Tatay? Ba’t ikaw naglilinis sa mga tapos nang kumakain?”

“Ako ang naglilinis dito silbi yung sweldo ko yung sobrang luto ng KFC para din po may makain pang araw-araw at para din sa pamilya ko dinadalhan ko sila ng pagkain pag-uwi.”

After overhearing their conversation, Agrabio can’t help but admire the old man for doing noble work to provide for his family.

“Buti pa nga si Tatay, nagsisikap kahit matanda na humahanap pa rin ng diskarte para mabuhay. Yung iba dyan kahit malakas pa o maliksi nanglilimos lang, nagagalit pa kapag di mo binibigyan. Binibigyan mo na nga, aba, namimili pa ng mas malaking halaga, wow ha?!” Agrabio wrote in his post.

Towards the end of his post, Agrabio urged netizens to help make his post viral so that good samaritans will be able to offer help to the hardworking old man.

Earlier this year, a man photographed watching his two daughters eat at Jollibee became an instant social media sensation after his photos went viral on Facebook. Because of the post, Ryan Arebuabo, a stroke victim and a single father, received tremendous help from netizens, TV shows, as well as Jollibee.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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