VIDEO: OFW remains calm despite verbal abuse by racist woman in HK bus

An OFW working in Hong Kong has filmed the shocking moment an enraged Chinese woman verbally abused her inside a bus. Despite being fat-shamed and getting racist comments from the said lady, the Pinay overseas worker remained calm and didn’t lose her cool.

OFW remains calm despite verbal abuse by racist woman in HK bus

According to netizen Angela Sentillas Pasco, she was on board a bus in Kwai Chung when a woman she described as “disrespectful, racist, and judgemental” started attacking her. Apparently, the woman started yelling at her in Chinese after she sat down next to her.

The seat was a bit small for the two of them because the woman refused to make space by carrying her bag. She then began yelling at Pasco telling her that she’s too fat and that she should get off the bus.

Pasco knew she wasn’t doing anything wrong so she answered back: “So what if I’m fat, that's not your problem.”

However, this didn’t stop the woman from yelling and verbally abusing her. Pasco then decided to film the woman.

“Later I started to film her as she kept yelling at me in Chinese. Some of the things in translation means that I’m a slave/helper in Hong Kong. That, I should go back to my country because Hong Kong is for Chinese people LOL. She swore at me, calling me names, disrespecting my race,” Pasco wrote.

Aside from giving racist remarks, the woman pointed out that Pasco’s iPhone was already outdated compared to her latest Samsung phone.

Believing that there’s no sense in arguing with her, Pasco simply ignored the furious lady and kept her cool. The woman finally stopped after a fellow passenger asked her to calm down since it’s a public area.

Several netizens also shared their experiences of racism while in Hong Kong.

“It happened to me and my hubby from Hong Kong station going to our hotel we took d train and these old Chinese ladies had pushed away our luggages saying things in chinese and stared at me with a murderous eyes take note ha my hubby is briton but my hubby told me not to mind them,” Tahweng Rivero Lynch wrote.

A certain Rona Garcia commented: “Bastos talaga yang mga yan . sobrang baba ng tingin nila s mga pinoy .especially s hongkong . nag travel ako dati don, pag makakasalubong mo sila eh di sila tatabi.dapat ikaw ang iiwas s kanila kc bubunguin k talaga nila. sobra silang manghamak ng mga ofw sa bansa nila eh mas kasuklam suklam ang ugali nila.”

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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