Call center agent with CKD warns about unhealthy lifestyle in BPO industry

If you are among the 1.3 million-strong business process outsourcing (BPO) workforce in the Philippines, you should pay more attention to your health as you are more prone to certain diseases such as chronic kidney disease (CKD).

That’s according to a Facebook post by a call center agent recently diagnosed with CKD. Such condition is characterized by gradual loss of kidney function over time that may lead to permanent kidney failure.

In the viral post shared on the Facebook page Buhay Call Center Agent, the female call center agent revealed that she has decided to leave the BPO industry after 8 years for health reasons. She revealed how the unhealthy lifestyle of most BPO employees can compromise their health.

Call center agent with CKD warns about unhealthy lifestyle in BPO industry
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Buhay Call Center Agent
The unnamed call center agent said BPO employees should refrain from consuming beverages commonly drank by agents such as coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol as well as supplements. She also advised agents to urinate if they need to and for team leaders, managers and work force to allow their agents to take a bio break.

Moreover, the call center agent encouraged other agents to see a doctor rather than self-medicate.

According to her doctor, BPO employees are more prone to this disease because of their unhealthy lifestyle.

“Yup, i was diagnosed with Ckd. Sabi ng mga doctor ko, isa sa mga prone sa ganito ay mga call center agents.... Dahil sa lifesytle naten.... Sa iniinom na mga gamot , sa pagwawalang bahala sa masakit sa atin before na hindi nalunasan (puro pain killers lang ),” she revealed.

Towards the end of her post, she advised BPO employees not to take their health for granted.

“Pero beshie, iba pala talaga pag nandun ka na sa situation.... Last Wed lang ako nadiagnosed. Akala ko simpleng ubo at sakit sa likod lang eh.... Ayun lang.... Basta mga peepz ingatan ang health lalo na ito talaga puhunan natin,” she wrote in her post.

The country’s BPO industry is now the world’s leading destination for voice services and has generated $25 billion revenues in 2016.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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