VIDEO: US men’s choir sing Ryan Cayabyab’s “Da Coconut Nut” during Emirates flight

During their flight bound for US from Kenya, Baylor University Men’s Choir suddenly gave an impromptu rendition of “Da Coconut Nut”, a song composed by famous Filipino composer and musician Ryan Cayabyab.

US men’s choir sing Ryan Cayabyab’s “Da Coconut Nut”

The group which consists of 75 men suddenly broke into song complete with choreography while other plane passengers were disembarking the Emirates Airline flight. Other passengers and members of the flight crew couldn’t help but go nuts during the surprise performance.

“It was a spontaneous performance for the crew,” said a representative for Emirates Airline.

According to reports, the Texas-based choir was traveling from Nairobi, Kenya back to Waco, Texas after participating in a mission trip. The awesome onboard performance was apparently a “thank you” gesture by the choir to the flight crew.

Emirates Airline even shared a video of the performance which quickly became viral amassing over 5.6 million views as of this writing.

“When you go coconuts on an Emirates flight. Thank you Baylor University Men's Choir for a great onboard performance," reads in the caption of the said post.

Founded in 1895 to “promote the musical enjoyment of men on the campus”, the Baylor University Men’s Choir “makes great music, serves the local Waco community and touches the world with the love of Christ!”

Cayabyab’s “Da Coconut Song” became a hit in the early 90’s and was popularized by Pinoy pop group Smokey Mountain. It’s catchy choral arrangement has become famous worldwide and was performed by choirs from various parts of the world.

Check out the awesome onboard performance of Baylor University Men’s Choir.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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