The Voice Teens artists clash in Knockout Rounds

MANILA, Philippines – The remaining artists of “The Voice Teens” are now a step closer to reaching their dreams as they enter the much-awaited knockout rounds that starts this Saturday (July 1), where they once again need to impress their coaches to get into the competition’s live shows.

"The Voice Teens" artists clash in Knockout Rounds

After having picked by their coaches in the battle rounds, the teen artists are about to face a new challenge in the upcoming knockout rounds because only three out of nine artists per team will continue to the next level of the competition. But this time, they are given the opportunity to showcase their vocal prowess by choosing their own songs that will take them to the live shows.

Team Lea’s remaining teen artists Shell Tenedero, Chan Millanes, Mica Becerro, Patricia Luna, Felipe De Leon, Brandon Ungab, Julian Juanco, Erica Ladiza, and Sophia Ramos are all ready to compete and take the competition up a notch. The vocal battle also continues for Team Sarah with Ivan Navares, Fatima Lagueras, Andrea Badinas, Fritzy Eluna, Nisha Bedana, Gia Gonzales, Bryan Chong, Jona Soquite, and Tanya Dawood, who are determined to bag the title as the first-ever “The Voice Teens” champion.

Team Sharon is also well-represented with great artists with Daryl Sevillejo, Alessandra Galvez, Alyssa Datu, Zyra Peralta, Mike Escutin, Paul Gatdula, Jeremy Glinoga, Christy Lagapa, and Arisxandra Libantino, who will once again take the stage and impress viewers with their voices. With their unique style and powerful vocals, Team Bamboo’s Emarjhun De Guzman, Patricia Bonilla, Heather Hawkins, Queenie Ugdiman, Carlos Navea, Isabela Vinzon, Bea Munzon, Jem Macatuno, and Angelo Go are geared up for a grand vocal clash that viewers should watch out for.

The competition’s much talked about battle rounds brought spectacular performances that left viewers in awe and garnered mixed reactions from avid fans and netizens alike. Some of the round’s notable performances were Mica and Christy’s “Ave Maria,” Emarjhun and Andrea’s “Hallelujah,” Heather and Jeremy’s “Sana Maulit Muli,” and Bryan and Archie’s “Heaven Knows.”

Also adding more thrill was the “steal” as the coaches were able to take other coaches’ losing teen artists to strengthen their respective teams. Coach Sarah took Fritzy and Andrea from Kamp Kawayan, and coach Bamboo took Heather and Patricia Bonilla from coach Sharon. Coach Lea, on the other hand, recruited Sophia and Patricia Luna, while coach Sharon stole Christy and Paul.

Will the coaches regret letting go of the artists who now belong to another team and will stand out in the knockout rounds? Who among the remaining contenders will have the chance to enter the live shows?

Meanwhile, “The Voice Teens” remains unbeatable in national TV ratings, according to Kantar Media. Viewers witnessed the intense clash of voices in the last batch of battle rounds last Saturday (June 24) and Sunday (June 25), as the show hit national TV ratings of 32.6% and 32.3%, respectively. The show is also a hit among netizens as “The Voice Teens’” YouTube channel continues to earn millions of views every week.

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