LIST: Schools that generated highest paid employees

    MANILA, Philippines - Entrepreneur Philippines and JobStreet.com recently released a list of schools that generated highest paid employees.

    The infographic was based on the averages of self-reported salaries of users of JobStreet.com Philippines, which is the country’s top online jobs portal. Ranking of the users’ school was limited to 15 schools with the most graduates among JobStreet.com users.

    Schools that generated highest paid employees

    The list also includes rankings for six employment levels or positions including fresh graduates, non-executive, supervisors, managers and CEOs.

    The University of the Philippines, Mapua Institute, University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo University, De La Salle University and Adamson University emerged as the top ranking schools across all employment levels.

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    “The rankings presented in the infographic are based exclusively on self-reported average salaries of JobStreet.com users. Thus, they may not be representative of the actual salaries received by the schools’ graduates in the broader work force. For that, we will have to wait for somebody to conduct an actual survey of a representative sample of the various schools’ graduates or alumni and ask them how much they’re making,” the article reads.

    Fresh Grad/ less than 1 Year Experienced Employee

    1. UP P19,699
    2. Mapua P18,867
    3. UST P18,437
    4. Ateneo P17,773
    5. DLSU P17,675
    6. Adamson P17,190
    7. TIP P16,787
    8. FEU P16,634
    9. UE P16,611
    10. PUP P16,567
    11. AMA P16,482
    12. PLM P16,459
    13. TUP P16,054
    14. Lyceum P15,541
    15. STI P15,122

    1-4 Years Experienced Employee

    1. Mapua P31,288
    2. UP P29,132
    3. UST P26,779
    4. DLSU P25,892
    5. Ateneo P25,463
    6. Adamson P24,933
    7. TIP P24,169
    8. FEU P23,824
    9. UE P23,566
    10. PLM P23,482
    11. AMA P23,459
    12. TUP P22,888
    13. PUP P22,605
    14. Lyceum P21,983
    15. STI P21,057


    1. UP P34,609
    2. Mapua P28,776
    3. Ateneo P25,796
    4. UST P25,419
    5. Adamson P25,373
    6. DLSU P24,181
    7. TIP P23,033
    8. TUP P20,734
    9. UE P20,671
    10. FEU P20,579
    11. Lyceum P20,175
    12. PUP P20,058
    13. AMA P19,545
    14. PLM P19,122
    15. STI P16,694

    Supervisor/5 Years and Up Experienced Employee

    1. Mapua P47,266
    2. UP P43,914
    3. UST P41,731
    4. DLSU P40,763
    5. Ateneo P38,493
    6. AMA P38,460
    7. PLM P38,296
    8. Adamson P37,945
    9. TIP P36,311
    10. UE P35,281
    11. FEU P34,293
    12. PUP P34,033
    13. TUP P33,553
    14. STI P33,032
    15. Lyceum P32,255

    Assistant Manager/ Manager

    1. Mapua P73,728
    2. UP P69,786
    3. Ateneo P67,813
    4. DLSU P67,388
    5. UST P65,070
    6. PLM P62,735
    7. AMA P60,726
    8. Adamson P58,874
    9. UE P55,650
    10. TUP P54,384
    11. TIP P53,480
    12. FEU P52,766
    13. PUP P51,193
    14. Lyceum P46,040
    15. STI P38,136


    1. DLSU P171,268
    2. Ateneo P168,628
    3. Adamson P164,333
    4. UP P154,026
    5. UST P149,217
    6. Mapua P146,445
    7. Lyceum P145,267
    8. PUP P143,341
    9. PLM P141,997
    10. UE P141,191
    11. AMA P140,254
    12. TIP P127,941
    13. FEU P126,569
    14. STI P104,853
    15. TUP P82,571

    -- Mini, The Summit Express
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